The Welfare Reserves was established by the State to help residents who tramp the Land of Clones. Replenishment of the Reserves occurs constantly during the day by the following income items:

  • 1% - from tax collection on agricultural fields
  • 1% - from the sale of tickets for cruise ships
  • 1% - from the expenses for creating a Hamlet (only from the part in gold coins)
  • 1% - from the expenses for development of factories and enterprises in the Settlements (only from the part in gold coins)
  • 0.5% - from the difference between the sale price of the securities and their nominal value at the Securities Auction (only in gold coins)
  • 1% - from the gold obtained from the weapon sales in the Weapon shop
  • 1% - from the State tax for renaming settlements
  • 10% - from the size of the winning bid on the Flea market
  • 0,005 gold coins - from each paid hour of study with professors at the University

The Welfare Reserves are distributed to Serfs who visit the Dosshouse. Therein a clone of the social status of a Serf (assuming he's the only clone in the account) can get shelter and livelihood in the amount of 0.01 gold coins. The Dosshouse can be visited once a day.