[править] Сonstruction

[править] Long-term constructions and development of principalities

Working on construction sites (principalities, sites of the principality and administrative units: enterprises, the palace, wonders of the world) is possible for a clones of various social statuses (except of serf). The owner of the construction can not get a job as a builder.

Working on a construction can be combined with any work, but it is impossible to work on several construction sites at the same time.

Attention! Working at the construction at the principality or AU, a clone residing in a given principality or AU (renting a house or living in their own) consumes additional 1 work efficiency unit a day, a clone without housing - 1.5 of work efficiency units per day (this remark does not apply to the construction of a principality - since one is unable to live there, in such a case a builder spends 1 unit of work efficiency). At the same time, builders spend their efficiency even in case of idle time at the construction site due to the lack of building materials.

Each builder engaged in repair of a Wall consumes additional 5 work efficiency units a day. To repair the Wall is available to residents of the Principality only.

If a clone does not have enough of work efficiency, he won’t be able to fully fulfill his/her duties. Hungry clones are not useful at the construction site: if at the time of application, a work efficiency of a clone is below 0, he/she will not be hired.

There is no need in any additional working tools for builders; the state provides them with everything necessary.

It is necessary to submit an application to the owner of the construction site, in order to get employed as a builder, after you will be automatically employed. It is possible to employ several of your clones at once.

In order to pay the construction workers, the owner can set a total daily amount that will automatically be distributed in a form of bonuses at the end of the working day to each employee, depending on his/her "weight". Also, he can additionally establish a wage fund, which will be divided equally every day to all builders, regardless of the length of service at the construction site. In this case, the builder can see the statistics of salaries on the construction page.

The "weight" of an employee at the construction site is the continuous experience of his/her work at this facility, measured in days. The higher the "weight" of a clone-builder (the longer he works on this construction site), the greater will be his share of the total premium fund established by the owner of the construction site.

The owner of a construction can only increase the size of these funds; he is unable to reduce them. However, he can completely reset the funds in the event that he is no longer able to continue work on a construction with a help of the hired workers. In the case where any of the funds is set to zero, all employees will be dismissed.

In the case of absence of building materials at the construction site, the construction process will remain on hold, but workers will continue receiving wages. Only in case of reduction the salary fund to 0, directly by the owner of the construction site, the payouts will be stopped.

Once the site is built, all the clones that participated in the construction receive a final wages and will be automatically dismissed from the commissioned site.

The material consumption by one builder is one unit of a material a day, unless otherwise specified in the description of this construction.

[править] Questions and answers

Question: Why do not I get paid at the construction site, although according to statistics a prince put out a payment fund?
Answer: Your length of service at the site (the "weight" of your clone) is very small to receive a minimum wage. If there are a lot of workers at the construction site and they have got hired at different time, it may take some time for newcomers to gain experience and receive a non-zero salary.

[править] Houses construction

Real estate is very developed on the Land of Clones. New houses of various capacities are constantly being built in the principalities. Also, irrigation systems or drainage systems are being built in existing houses. Construction of houses can be handled by clones of the social status of a serf (unqualified specialists who have at least 10 units of experience) or a craftsman (qualified specialists who have at least 100 units of experience).

A clone participates in the construction by performing tasks. Depending on the qualification of the builder, the construction task is performed at different rates: a serf performs one task per one hour and reduces the time of construction by one hour; the craftsman performs the same task 10 times faster (in 6 minutes) than a serf and reduces the construction time by one hour.

To perform one task, the craftsman spends 0.01 units of work efficiency. When you take up a task, the required amount of work efficiency is reserved and will be withdrawn as soon as that task is completed.

It may happen that your clone in a status of a craftsman will be lucky, and he will immediately receive a "package of tasks" - from 1 to 20 tasks at a time. Accordingly, for their implementation (for example 5 tasks), he will spend a proportionally greater amount of work efficiency (5 * 0.01 = 0.05) and will receive more gold when tasks are finished (5 * cost of the task). Also you will have to spent more time in order to finish this "package of tasks" ( 5 * 6 = 30 minutes).

A serf can get only one task at a time.

[править] Questions and answers

Question: What does the inscription "There are no available tasks" mean? When will they appear?
Answer: When in attempt to take a task, the system reports that there is no available tasks have been found, this means that at the moment the task’s fund for this position is empty (zero). Tasks will appear if the owner of a house that is under construction replenished the fund and set a price of a task for the builders.
Question: I can not begin an implementation of a task, there is always a mistake appears "A clone failed to complete the task". What am I doing wrong?
Answer: In order to begin a task implementation, you need to correctly enter the control symbols from the picture (captcha) in a limited period of time (1 minute). If the characters are entered incorrectly or if you did not finish it in 1 minute, then a clone is failed to complete the task. The next task, he/she can only get after 1 hour (a time counter will be displayed on the page). Note: if you are unable to quickly recognize the symbols on the picture, just update it. There is a specific button right next to the picture.
Question: I have a wrong countdown of a task completion.
Answer: If you have a wrong countdown of a task completion, let’s says, more or less that it has to be, or generally just a dash instead of the counter, it means that the time on your computer is configured incorrectly. Go to the computer time settings and set the correct time zone, check whether you need to set the automatic daylight saving time (if not, then disable it). The way how the countdown of the task completion displays depends on the accuracy of its installation on your computer. If you have a dash at the end of the task completion, refresh the page - you will be able to take the next task.