[править] Trading conditions

Buy weapons on the Arm's Stock Market can be any resident of the Land of Clones (except Serfs), whose Energy is not less than 0.

To trade on the Arm's Stock Market can the residents of the Land of Clones with the social status of Craftsman or higher.

The price is specified for one unit of goods.

The minimum price of the lot is 0.0001 gold.

The volume of goods offered for sale can be any.

Immediately after placing for sale, the lot becomes unavailable for purchase for a random period of time (from 5 to 30 minutes).

If the item is not sold within 120 hours, it will be automatically removed from the sale, and if you want you can put it again.

When buying a lot, the seller is charged a Commission of 20% of the cost of its sale, but not less than 0.0001 gold.

At the end of each working day, the State pays from this item of income:

  • 10% - to the Emperors' Residence Reserves
  • 15% - to the Steel Rolling plant’s Securities Reserves
  • 25% - to the Arm's Stock Market’s Securities Reserves
  • 10% - to the Treasury of the real estate Reserves
  • 10% - to the salary bonuses Reserves at the General Staff
  • 10% - to the salary bonuses Reserves at the Steel Rolling plant
  • 20% - to the Enterprise bonus Reserves at the Lumber Mill, the Mill, the Stone Mine, the Ore Mine and the Carters Guild

The "Treasury of the real estate" Reserves accumulated over the day, is paid similar to the Government aid for real estate - according to the development level of the house, with the only difference that the whole is passed in to the houses of residents of the Land of Clones and summed with gold in the house's treasure which needs to protect against robbers. Every day at the estimated time gold coins accumulated in the house's treasure are automatically transferred to the Game Account of the owner of the house.

Each weapon has two characteristics: durability (the number of strokes or shots that can be committed by a weapon) and damage (the minimum and maximum number of units of health points that the enemy will lose when struck / fired). Different types of firearms have different ammunition size, limiting the number of cartridges that can be taken with them into battle. With a full expenditure of durability, the weapon is considered non-working; it must be replaced with a new one.