[править] Work efficiency consumption rate

It is important to understand the concept of daily work efficiency consumption required by any clone, which is equal to 1 health unit for all social statuses, except for serfs (for whom the rate is equal to 0). All clones residing in the State, spend 1 consumption norm daily, in order to stay fully energetic and ready at any moment to assure active participation in social and working life. Remember, a hungry clone (with an Energy score below 0) can't focus on things and is therefore completely limited in his actions. Such a clone is only allowed to buy gold coins at the Currency market, as well as food at the Commodities market at the Trade Guild. Any other actions by him (or by other clones from the same game account, even if their Energy score is higher than 0) are not allowed.

[править] Work efficiency Expenditure and Recovery during Work Activities

Secondly, work efficiency is compulsory for all clones in order to maintain work activity.

The daily amount of work efficiency consumed by a clone depends on the specific job or work involved, as well as other activities carried out by him e.g., agricultural processing of fields.

During work (or combination of multiple jobs) at state-owned enterprises, a clone will consume 1 daily work efficiency norm for each separate job (except at the Embassy, where the expenditure is equal to 0). There are state-owned enterprises, where the consumption of health units is agreed upon separately e.g., at the jewellery factory, a clone spends 1 daily work efficiency norm + 1 additional work efficiency unit.

When working at a private company, a clone spends 0.5 work efficiency units a day, regardless of which social status he belongs to.

As for all other work or activities, corresponding consumption efficiency is described individually in the appropriate help sections.

[править] How to Obtain Work Efficiency

Additional work efficiency may be obtained by stocking the Canteen with food that can either be purchased at the Trading guild's Commodity Exchange or that you can grow/produce on your own.

All clones, within your account, will consume the required amount of work efficiency at the Canteen, whenever necessary.

If a clone moved into a house and resides there (regardless whether owned or rented) - he will have to restore a certain amount of work efficiency on a daily basis, depending on the development level of the house he lives in. i.e. a level-1 house recovers 1% of the daily consumption norm, a level-50 castle recovers 50% of the daily consumption norm. The general rule is as follows: every development-level unit of a house recovers 1% of the daily consumption norm.

If the house is located in the Principality, which built a Hospital level VI, clones living in such house, have the additional possibility of recovering 5% of the daily consumption norm of work efficiency. If the Principality had entered an Era of Megaliths, it had a Hospital of the required level.

Clothing made of linum also helps clones in recovering their work efficiency. The more a clone is decently dressed, the higher the amount of work efficiency he will obtain - from 20% of the daily norm will be recovered in the clothing of a craftsman and up to 50% of the daily norm will be recovered in the clothes of an emperor.

There is also another possibility of health recovery: using jewelry - work efficiency rings. Wearing a work efficiency ring will grant a clone a daily bonus in the form of work efficiency units (a bonus will be granted as a clone's personal characteristic, and not directed to the Canteen - that is to say, that the current bonus will only be available to that particular clone). The bonus size depends on the type of gemstone in the ring, which is specified in the ring's description. Only a clone whose current work efficiency indicator is not less than 0 can wear the work efficiency ring. If a clone puts on a work efficiency ring, and then for some reason his work efficiency indicator has become less than 0, the work efficiency rings will be automatically removed from all clones of this game account and placed in their bags.