Oh my friend, you have become a burgess! Wonderful news! Just imagine, only a little over 1% of the entire World of Clones population had the honor to obtain the "burgess" social status! Your state benefits are higher now. Your advice is now taken into account in the town square (chat room). You can become a great urban planner; after all you now have the opportunity to build your own Principality! I suggest we dig deeper into the details…

[править] Town Planning

A resident with the "peasant" social status is limited to develop a settlement into a village, whereas a burgess has access to the construction of a city. This road is rough and thorny, but extremely interesting. In order to achieve success and save up as much as you can, you will have to engage in social work and attract new residents to your settlement, so that they build houses and farms there and for them to work hard in your enterprises. You have all the means of control; you set your own price, at which you will buy resources from the enterprises (thus, setting the employees' salaries) and you can increase or decrease your residents' social benefits.

Besides all that, you should think about expanding the area of influence of your administrative unit (settlement). This can be done by involving clones who want to create their own settlement on YOUR territory. This way, they will be subordinate to your administrative settlement (officially answering to you), which means that you will be able to collect taxes from the construction of industrial enterprises and their activities. You must speed up and develop your settlement as quickly as possible because if any settlement, that is administratively subordinate to you, reaches or surpasses the level of your settlement, it will slip away from under your authority and you will no longer have power over it.

Throughout your development, you will gain access to the construction of a greater variety of enterprises and factories. All the gold treasures that your retinue will discover will be very easy on the eye...

[править] Manufacture & Sales

You are gaining access to all the larger production volumes. You may now store some of the resources in the repository and reserve them for any future constructions or, if you wish, you may sell some at the commodity market. You are becoming a more and more frequent visitor on the trading platforms, you have already been noticed, have no doubt about that ... Or maybe you have started to receive personal offers to buy resource supplies from other vendors?

[править] Principality

Create your Principality, which, in fact, is a state within a state. Castles, houses, villages and towns can be located on its territory and will all be directly subordinate to their Prince. The Prince may appoint social benefits to residents of his principality, as well as collect taxes from his cities and settlements. This is a huge step towards the establishment of your own empire. Princes have a list of additional public deductions, which are sufficiently big and their size depends on the principality's level of development.

At the Auction of Principalities, you might want to choose among the luxurious already constructed mini-states, their level of development depending on the proposals offered by reputable city planners/constructors... If you decide to buy a Principality, the only thing you will have left to do is to turn it into a mighty empire.

The Principality has a great amount of opportunities, including engineering and military manufacturing. Asides from that you will have your own retinue... This is the path of transition into the elite of the World of Clones - your direct path to the imperial throne. However, this path is not simple...

[править] Military Career

You can try yourself out in this area. It is very promising, since any developing country is subject to pressure from its neighbors. The Land of Clones is no exception and this virtual State is under aggressive foreign attack. A reliable state is a strong state! The principality retinues are the reliance and protection of the Land of Clones. The state pays generously for the work of these professional elite retinues.

You can join the service of one of the princes' retinues. Your membership allows you to command an entire battleship! It can be a rather fruitful venture. Just keep in mind that this is no place for punks! Experience and practice is necessary in everything you do here, so if you decide to launch a military career, you have to train on the principalities' arenas and keep drinking a lot of kvass and eventually you will attain the power and experience of a true man of arms. A battleship, led by a competent captain, can do wonders on the battlefield, for which there will surely be awards of honor, military benefits and trophies.

[править] Blue chips

An intelligent resident of the State will certainly create an investment portfolio, comprised of at least a few securities of each type. After all, securities are indicators of the trends and profitability of any given branch of the Land of Clones. They all bring daily income in the form of an accrued dividend (in gold). The dimensions of the profit are prone to fluctuations; some fall, some may go up... Therefore, having a set of different types of securities, allows you to receive additional passive and rather stable income. As they say in our world, there can never be too much gold.

Securities are best to buy at the auction, where they arrive at the lowest (nominal) price. You may also buy them at the Stock Market. I highly recommend you to monitor the profitability of your securities; all related statistics information is presented on the Financial Report page. You will be able to see which securities are most profitable and stable at the moment, meaning those that are the 'blue chips ' of the State.

[править] Currency Market

The Currency Market is also an interesting platform, where you can warm up. If you have noticed, the rate of gold coins to Cloners is constantly 'floating'. You can make a reasonable amount gold on these fluctuations. After all, you can buy gold coins when their price is at its lowest, then patiently wait for the price to rise. As soon as it does, you will only have to sell them at a higher rate and make profit out of the difference. However, I am warning you, the winners of this market are the big fish, wholesalers and bankers, whose background is a shoal of tiny fish, among which you swim, so be more prudent! As they say, go with the flow. It is important that you dig for the 'rock-bottom' price, make no mistake with this!

[править] Just Like Three Peasants!

Get a plow, sow, reap and sell your harvest. Increase the number of cattle on your farm and sell the food products. Apply for work at one or several state-owned enterprises, without haste, gaining more and more experience and move up the career ladder ... In this virtual life, everything will become precisely what you make of it. Your will is the master of your future!

[править] Merchant’s Guild

The Merchant's Guild is the next step to social growth. The merchant status will emphasize your seriousness and consequently, your words and actions will be taken into account. You will be able to discuss economic policies, on equal terms, with major wholesalers. Only three steps will be keeping you away from the imperial throne. I will pay you a visit when you become a member of the guild. I wish you the best of luck and success in your construction projects!