All of your achievements in the development of your account - is at the same time your participation in the development of the project in its entirety. For this reason, part of the income derived from the company's projects and real Land of Clones, is transferred by the administration to the Fund of Active Players.

The administration distributes and pays out this sum as follows:

  1. 7 equal portions are derived from this fund (7 record categories each);
  2. Each record category is calculated by taking the average value of the total marks scored in this particular category, by all the accounts;
  3. All accounts, the assessment of which in this given category is equal to or higher than the value obtained, receive payments from the fund in proportion to the value of this category of assessment, receive pay from the fund of this particular category, proportionally to the score value.

[править] Fund Raising

The Fund of Active Players is comprised of the following articles:

  • Lump sum payments from profit made on the sale of agricultural products on the real Land of Clones
  • 5% - of the profit made on tourism on the real-life Land of Clones
  • 5% - from the profit fund of the Trader's Guild
  • 10% - from the Fair profit fund
  • 17.5% - from State profit of the Clones' Auction
  • 25% - from the State Taxes of Real-estate Rent
  • 50% - from the Social Fund