Since ancient times, trade has been a source of development and social progress: the exchange transaction is replaced by the monetary regime, planetary zonal competition restricts the regional specialization, trade becomes virtual, transactions are concluded for future deliveries, the tools are developed from counting sticks to cluster accounting of the world market. Goods and services, any real and virtual values, securities and derivatives – all that included in the commodity circulation. Take your niche also you - the business acumen of the businessman and the ability to sell so will be useful in the real world.

You have access to the full range of trading operations: from a simple purchase of seeds on a State Farm or working equipment in the Tool Shop to hot strategic battles at auctions. Different types of auctions and exchanges, powerful statistics and summary analytics of commodity circulation allows you to analyze the gaming markets and build your personal successful trading strategies.

Trading platforms are the heart of the game, trade also you: listening to reason, to the beat of