A clone with the status of a Nobleman or higher can submit bills to the State Duma for consideration.

Each submitted bill is pre-moderated by the Authorized representative of the State Cabinet, in order to weed out bills that do not fit into the limits of the upcoming development of the world of clones, and to avoid a vain disputes.

To take part in the discussion of bills in the Duma can clones of the status of a Townsman and higher, herewith clones of the status of a Townsman and a Merchant must have a minimum of 200 points of Charisma.

The bill put forward for consideration in the Duma may be amended only by the clone who put forward the bill (the author of the bill).

All residents of the Land of Clones can have information about the process of activity of the State Duma and the State Cabinet, namely: to see the statistics of the institutions, the bills that are being finalized and their history, the bills developed by the Duma, the bills in the voting process and in the process of implementation.

Before the bill reaches the State Cabinet, it must be approved by the residents of the Land of Clones by overall voting.

Voting and approval of the bills

To participate in the vote approving the bills can clones with the social status of Craftsman or higher.

Vote must participate at least 30% of the clones of the Nobility (for example, if the game has 30 clones of the Nobleman social status, then voting must attend a minimum of 9 clones of this status).

The bill is considered to be approved if the majority of the social weight (the indicator of Prosperity of the clone) of voters voted "Agree".

In addition, at least one vote "Agree" must belong to the Emperor or the Boyar. With all other outcomes of voting, the bill will move to the section of "bills for discussion".

All the clones of a user account (except Serfs) attended in voting. All these clones will have the same opinion expressed in the vote in the Duma by the account owner.

The vote lasts for 3 days. During voting, the voting page displays the number of clones of each social status who voted "Agree" and "Against". According to the voting results, the values of the total social weight of the voters "Agree" and "Against" are displayed.

As soon as the bill gets to the voting section, the news feed will display information about starting the vote (only 5 times within 3 days), and the residents of the Land of Clones will be notified by game mail.

If the bill is successfully approved, it is transferred to the State Cabinet.

The State Cabinet

The State Cabinet is an institution of the Land of Clones, which is responsible for creating the gameplay, monitoring compliance with game rules and the development of the game scenario, the release of game modules.

The Cabinet has the right to veto the bill approved by the Duma, outlining the reasons for such a decision (if the bill is very much at odds with the logic of the planned development of the game).

The Cabinet can implement the bill without the participation of the Duma, as some game scenarios require strict confidentiality in the implementation and can not be disclosed to players to maintain game interest.

The Cabinet assigns priority to the approved bill, that is, the bill gets into the queue for implementation in the game, which is done to comply with the planned logic of development.

The Cabinet has the right to join in discuss of bills and make recommendations.

The "Authorized representative of the State Cabinet" is the representative of the State.