Is there anything in the bag or storehouse to dispose? All unnecessary items, tools, coupons and securities (not resources or construction permission certificates) that you consider junk and throw out of the bag or storehouse, will get to the Flea market after a certain time (from 1 minute to 5 hours).

Flea market is an amazing place, you can find there different things, from the ramshackle hammer to the majestic warship, overgrown with cobwebs, but which may well be suitable for one or two military campaigns.

Take an item at the Flea market can even Serfs. First who would want to get an item needs to click on "take for free" button and wait for 3 hours, suddenly more wishing buyers can appear. He takes the item free of charge, if before the end of the trading period were no other applicants. If the item is very good and liked several clones – they can arrange a small auction. The bids are a penny – from 0.0001 gold coins. Immediately after the first bid, the trading time is reduced to 1 hour. If the player has placed a bid during the last minute of trading, the trading time is increased by 1 minute. The purchased lot will be arrived to the buyer's bag within 5 minutes after the end of trading.

Only a clone with the social status of a craftsman or higher can throw away an item to the Flea market.

The winning bid goes to the State's income and then paid by the State:

  • 30% - to the former owner of the item (if this amount is not less than 0.0001 gold; the funds are credited to the name of the main clone of the account);
  • 10% - to the Charity Reserve (if this amount is not less than 0.0001 gold).

At the same time, no more than 1 item of the same type can be in the Flea market. New items will not be displayed until the number of items already on the market will be reduced.