A repository is a centralized storage place for all resource objects and other game valuables, belonging to all your characters. A repository allows you to easily monitor/control all the goods acquired by your clones. A repository doesn't have a clone-owner, it belongs to your entire account.

The construction of a repository costs %cost_storage_build%

It is required to repair the repository every 30 days. The repair fee is %cost_storage_repair%. You can enable the "Automatically fix repository in case of failure" function, in this case, the repository will be repaired, if necessary resources are available at the time of repair, or in the main clone's bag, or in the repository if the "Automatically grant clones required items or resources, if necessary" function is enabled . Also, it is compulsory that your main clone's status is higher than that of a serf.

[править] Managing things in a repository

All things that are stored in your repository can be picked out by any clone on your account (except for your serf), but only under condition that the repository is repaired. If a repository is not maintained, the collection and delivery of resources and other items stops until it gets repaired. In this case, everything is kept in order and doesn't get lost.

Attention! You can throw away items and resources out of the repository if they are no longer of any use. However, keep in mind that this operation is irreversible, so be careful.

[править] Collecting Items in the Repositary

You can gather all your necessary objects/items in the repository in quite a simple way, supplying your clones with what they need. The table displays all of the items that were given in by your clones for storage. By hovering your cursor onto one of the column headings, you will be able to give a command to all of your clones to send they inventory items to your repository.

You may also manage groups of objects by going to the (e.g., "Food", "Artifacts" etc....) section, in which case you will be able to collect only resources/objects of a certain given type from all of your clones.

The easiest way to collect the necessary items is to activate the "Automatically collect resources from clones" function, by clicking on the corresponding link of the same name. In the table, you are able to select the types of items/products that will automatically flow into the repository from all the clones, immediately after their appearance in the clone’s bag (takes up to 5 minutes). There, you will be able to manually collect any given type of product from all your clones

[править] Issuance of repositary

When you move the cursor onto the amount of any certain resource or object, you will be able to place an order for a transfer of the required amount of resource or object to a specific clone.

If you activate the "Automatically grant clones the required items or resources, if necessary" function then, in case of a shortage of resource, object, and so on, it will automatically be acquired from the repository, if necessary, by a clone (if it is available in the repository).

Attention! One tool exceeding 1 durability unit cannot be issued to several clones. It will be taken the first clone which is in need of this tool.

Attention! Automatic feed of food from the repository to a canteen is impossible.