[править] Employment terms

Working at the Jewellery Workshop is possible for clones of the social status of a peasant and higher.

To get a job, your clone have to be educated as a jeweler at the University. The cost of education is 3 gold coins.

No working tool is needed to get a job at the Jewellery Workshop.

The clone can only take up one position at a particular enterprise. A clone's career in the Jewellery Workshop, starts off with the position of an jeweler, and under certain conditions, a clone may be appointed a higher position at the end of the working day. For further details, visit the sections below.

Work at the Jewellery Workshop requires special care and accuracy, therefore all employees (in addition to the one norm of consumption of work efficiency according to the status) spend 1 unit of work efficiency per day regardless of the work position and status.

If clone combines several works, and it lacks the work efficiency to meet its obligations, he/she can not cope with them and therefore do not receive a salary. If the employee does not perform his duties 3 days in a row, he will be fired.

[править] Salary

The Jewellery Workshop worker's salary is paid daily within an estimated time period (after 00:00 GMT) in the form of bonuses.

The higher the clone's expertise in jewellery - the higher his bonus. If a clone has 0 expertise or their number is insufficient to obtain the minimal prize (0.0001), then on that particular day that clone will not receive any prize.

Expertise in jewellery can be purchased, exchanged in return for experience, reasonableness or charisma at the University, as well as using magical artifacts.

Also, your clone will be awarded experience points on a daily basis, the number of which depend on the clone's position.

The formation of the fund of the Jewellery Workshop’s bonuses:

  • 15% from the cost of production of jewelry by the owners of jewelry production in gold coins

The bonuses of the Jewellery Workshop are paid out in three parts at the end of each working day:

  • 40% of the fund - to jewelers directly proportionally to the amount of expertise in jewellery
  • 30% of the fund - to foremen directly proportionally to the amount of expertise in jewellery
  • 30% of the fund – to managers directly proportionally to the amount of expertise in jewellery

[править] The Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of available vacancies for jewelers is not limited.

The number of remaining vacancies is limited: for foremen - 200, for managers - 5. New vacancies for these positions are not automatically opened.

You will be able to get a job at the Jewellery Workshop if 1 or more vacancies are freed (if the clone resigns / is fired). If it happened within the working day, then the free vacancy will be displayed at an enterprise.

In order to take up a higher position, your clone needs to meet the requirements of the position (to dispose of the appropriate status), and have expertise in jewellery higher than the worst employee of the highest position. Then at the end of the working day, you will take the position that was previously occupied by a clone who in his turn, will be shifted to a lower position.

A higher social status of the clone does not increase his chance to take a higher working position. Only the level of expertise may have an influence a promotion.

Notice! The clone can temporarily increase your amount of expertise in jewellery, by wearing the corresponding magical artifacts. When properly used, you will be able to substantially increase your clone's chances for a promotion!