Working at the University is possible for clones of the social status of a craftsman and higher.

The required working tool for a clone is a quill (pen).

Also, a clone must a certain minimum amount of reasonableness, for each position.

The peculiarity of employment: on the first working day, as well as on the day of promotion in office, the clone does not receive a salary (thus the working tool and work efficiency are not wasted).

Working at the enterprise, a clone consumes 1 work efficiency norm, corresponding to his status. If a clone combines several jobs, and he has an insufficient amount of work efficiency units left to meet his/her obligations, he will then not be able to cope with them and therefore will not receive his salary. If the employee does not perform his/her duties for three days, he will be fired.

[править] How to Obtain a Professor’s License?

Each professor automatically receives a license to teach reasonableness right after employment.

A license for training in rigging practice is not required for a professor (however, as well as employment in the university), it is enough to work for his own index of rigging practice to be at least 100 units.

Besides the training of reasonableness and rigging practice, it is also available additional training opportunities in different areas: geology, jewelry and others, for professors.

In order to acquire a license for training, you need to spend a certain amount of reasonableness.

The inhabitants of the Land Of Clones pay a state fee in order to receive an education at the University. Professors, who have a license for training, will receive payments form the state’s income in this category.

You can purchase several licenses, then a professor will receive payments for each areas of training (with a non-zero fund).

[править] Salary

Salary to the University staff is paid out daily within an estimated time period (after 00:00 GMT).

The higher the clone's level of reasonableness - the higher his bonus.

If your clone is a professor and has a license, he will receive income from each license (with a non-zero fund of this category of professors).

Also, your clone will be awarded experience points on a daily basis, the number of which depend on the clone's position.

The formation of the University’s bonus fund:

  • 0,065 of gold coin from a payment of state fee by professors
  • 40% from the state fee paid by the princes ( in gold coins) for the upgrading of the University
  • 10% from the costs of getting an education at the University by the inhabitants of the Land of Clones

The University’s bonuses are paid out in two parts at the end of each working day:

  • 60% of fund - to professors directly proportionally to the amount of reasonableness
  • 40% of fund - to assistants and senior assistants directly proportionally to the amount of reasonableness

In addition, the state pays out of the revenues from the fees for training of a different professions at the university:

To the "Geologist" profession’s fund

  • 30% from the cost of training the "Geologist" profession

To the "Jeweler" profession’s fund

  • 30% from the cost of training the "Jeweler" profession

Each fund is paid daily to all professors who have received the appropriate license, according to the amount of reasonableness.

The size of the fund for the current day can be seen on the statistics page of the University.

[править] The Number of Vacancies and Promotions

There can be only 1 Rector, 3 Vice-Rectors and 9 Deans at the University. The number of vacancies in other positions is unlimited.

If a vacancy occurs, it can be occupied by a clone with the greatest amount of reasonableness. In order to take a higher vacancy, a clone had to be employed as an assistant first. If a clone meets the requirements of the position then, within an estimated time period, you will take the higher position. If a number of vacancies in this position is limited, than a clone that had previously held this positions will be shifted to a lower position. Note that a promotion may even take place when a clone has no working tool that is required for work in a higher position. In this case, the clone will be promoted to a higher position, but due to the lack of the required tool, he will not be able to fulfill his responsibilities, so he will receive the appropriate reprimand.