[править] Terms of Employment

Working in the Order of Military Affairs (OMA) is possible for clones of the social status of a peasant and higher.

For this job, clones need a working tool – a quill (pen) (for all positions).

Also, a clone needs at least 10 units of military affairs expertise in order to take this position.

A clone can occupy only one position in this enterprise. You can choose one training corps. Your clone will begin his career in this corps with the position of a feldwebel / midshipman and, if all conditions are met, at the end of the working day he may take a higher position. Details - in the sections below.

Working at the enterprise, the clone consumes one norm of work efficiency corresponding to his status. If a clone combines several jobs and lacks work efficiency to perform his duties, then he will not cope with them and, as a result, will not receive his salary. If the employee does not cope with his duties for three days in a row, he will be dismissed.

[править] Salary

The OMA employees’ salary is paid out daily at an estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) in a form of bonuses.

The greater the clone’s expertise in military affairs, the higher his bonus. If his military affairs expertise is insufficient for a minimal bonus (0,0001 gold coins), then this clone will not receive a bonus that day.

You can receive military affairs expertise by participating in military battles, аs well as by using magic artifacts or jewelery.

Apart from that, your clone will receive experience units on a daily basis, the number of which depends on the occupied position.

OMA Bonus Foundation Structure:

The formation of the OMA’s bonus fund

  • After a clone has completed his training at in one OMA corps or another, 30% gold coins of the training fee go to the foundation of that particular corps.

The Bonus Fund is paid out in four parts at the end of each working day.

  • 30% of the funds are paid out to feldwebels/midshipmen of the corps directly proportionally to the amount of expertise in military affairs
  • 50% of the funds are paid out to teachers of the corps directly proportionally to the amount of expertise in military affairs
  • 10% of the funds are paid out to the head of the corps directly proportionally to the amount of expertise in military affairs
  • 10% of the funds are paid out to the head of the OMA
  • In this manner, the head of the OMA receives 10% from the funds of every training corps

[править] Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of vacancies for feldwebels /midshipmen and teachers is unlimited.

There is one head of each corps. New vacancies do not open for heads.

One or more already occupied vacancies may open (if a clone resigns or is dismissed). If this occurs within a working day, then the free vacancies will appear at the enterprise.

In order to occupy a superior working place of the head of the corps, your clone must meet the requirements of the vacancy (have the appropriate status) and be the first in the list of applicants or the place has to be free at the time of the vacancy opening. To do this, your clone must have the highest figure of military expertise among all applicants.

In order to take the position of a teacher, a clone has to meet the requirements of the vacancy (to meet the corresponding requirements and have the appropriate working tool).

If your clone takes a higher position, then he will work there until he resigns or is dismissed due to a lack of work efficiency or working tool.

Nota Bene: You can temporarily increase the amount of expertise in Military Affairs by putting on corresponding magical artifacts and jewelry on your clone. With their proper use you can greatly increase the chances of a clone’s promotion!