[править] Terms of Employment

A clone with the social status of a peasant or higher may work at the Shelter.

In order to get a job at the Shelter a clone will need to spend a certain amount of gold coins, resources and reasonableness.

Here, a clone do not need any specific working tool.

A clone may only work at one working place at a time at the Shelter.

Working at the enterprise, a clone consumes one norm of work efficiency corresponding to his status. If a clone combines several jobs and lacks the capacity to perform his duties, then he will not cope with them and, as a result will not receive his salary. If employees do not cope with their duties for three days in a row, they will be dismissed.

[править] Salary

The Shelter employees’ salary is paid out on a daily basis at an estimated time (after 00:00 GMT) in bonuses.

Apart from that, experience units will be granted to clones, the number of which depends on the position they occupy.

The formation of the Shelter’s bonus fund:

  • 0,01 gold coins for each tenant who applied for housing at the Shelter

Shelter bonus fund is paid out daily in three parts:

  • 50% of the foundation is paid out equally to sisters of mercy
  • 30% of the foundation is paid out equally to housing managers
  • 20% of the foundation is paid out to the manager

[править] Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of vacancies at the Shelter does not grow automatically.

In order to take a higher position, your clone has to conform with the employment requirements (to have the corresponding status, enough reasonableness, gold coins and resources), as well as resigning from his previous job at the Shelter.

In case of dismissal from a working place the used up resources, gold coins and reasonableness are not reimbursed.

If your clone has occupied a working place, then he will work there until he resigns himself or he will be dismissed for lack of working efficiency.