[править] Employment terms

Working in the Chancery is possible for clones of the social status of burgees and higher.

In order to be able to work a clone must spend a certain amount of gold coins resource and reasonableness.

The clone does not require a working tool.

A clone can occupy only one position in a given enterprise.

Working at the enterprise, a clone consumes 1 work efficiency norm, corresponding to his status. If a clone combines several jobs, and he has an insufficient amount of work efficiency units left to meet his/her obligations, he will then not be able to cope with them and therefore will not receive his salary. If the employee does not perform his/her duties for three days, he will be fired.

[править] Salary

The Chancery worker's salary is paid out daily within an estimated time period (after 00:00 GMT) in form of bonuses.

Your clone won’t receive experience points working at this enterprise.

The formation of the Chancery’s bonus fund:

  • 2.5% - of the state’s profits of the Auction of Clones
  • 20% - of the state’s fee for the changing a name of the clone
  • 20% - of the state’s fee for the renaming of the principality
  • 20% - of the state’s fee for the renaming the voyage ship
  • 20% - of the state’s fee for the renaming of the jewelry production
  • 10% - of the state’s fee for the renaming of the administrative unit
  • 3% - of the state's income from the "Social statuses" source

The Chancery bonuses are paid out in four parts at the end of each working day:

  • 20% of the fund - to registrars equally
  • 20% of the fund - to collegiate assessors equally
  • 30% of the fund - to collegiate councillors equally
  • 30% of the fund - to chancellors equally

[править] The Number of Vacancies and Promotions

The number of available vacancies does not automatically increase.

In order to take up a higher position your clone needs to meet the requirements of the position (to dispose of the appropriate status, to have enough reasonableness, gold coins and resources), and also to resign from his previous place of work in the Chancellery.

Spent resources, gold coins and reasonableness do not return after the dismissal.

If your clone has taken a job, then he will work on it until he (she) resigns himself or is dismissed for lack of work efficiency.