Dear editors! Your work is important for a coherent newspaper organisation!

[править] Article Evaluation Criteria

Evaluate incoming articles from the point of view of a simple player - will he really be able to get something out of this article for himself? Is the author's style of writing good enough? Would you be interested in reading it yourself?

Your job is also - weed out articles that are contrary to the rules of the newspaper:

  • articles on external topics,
  • reviews on the game,
  • an "echo" of the rules
  • announcements and advertisements,
  • surveys,
  • improvement proposals / introduction to new modules of the game,
  • long calculations full of numbers, calculations based on "floating" or ambiguous data,
  • explicitly poor, illiterate articles without style.

If you find your article promising, but needs editing - make some changes (spelling, punctuation, style, compliance with the rules of the game), and proceed with submitting it for publication.

If you decide to reject the article - put it out for editing and continue writing it using the special "Editor's Note", adding your own explanations.

If you're not sure about something - don't rush, just contact editor SKINBALL.

Please be careful when working on your article. Be sure to check through the text before sending it for printing, e.g., in the Microsoft Word text editor (your errors will show up and correct versions will be suggested).