You need to constantly develop your power of intention, because this characteristic affects a clone's level of expertise in all his skills, by increasing their value to the number of intention units (does not apply to "rigging training", the "Trader's Influence," your "Criminal Authority" and "Luck"). The "Intention" characteristic can not increase the base value of one's skills more than twofold. Respectively, it is impossible to expend supplementary skills that were obtained from "intention".

[править] The Rules on acquiring "Intention"

In order to complete the " Intention" characteristic training, it is compulsory for a clone to reside in his/her own or rented house. The fee for receiving 1 unit of intention is 0.03 gold coins.

You can set the value of the number of intention units, which the clone will automatically receive at the end of the working day. The highest amount of intention units that you can receive from the University is 5 units per day.

If the clone has no place of residence, the characteristic "intention" is reduced by 1 unit / day (but not less than 0).

The "intention" characteristic can also be developed at the Canteen in exchange for work efficiency. The cost of 1 intention-training unit, at the canteen, ranges from 3 to 8 work efficiency units, depending on the type of house a clone is renting. Additionally training there, a clone can not receive more than 5 intention units per day.

[править] Distribution of income from teaching "Intention"

Out of all the items of income, derived from teaching "intention" at the University, the State pays out the following:

  • 10% - to the treasury of "City" settlement owners (is paid out in proportion to the city's level of development);
  • 5% - to the locked treasury of principalities (is paid out in proportion to their level of development);
  • 10% - to the principalities, is paid out in proportion to their level of development);
  • 15% - to the Emperors' Residence Foundation;
  • 15% - to the Technologies Foundation;
  • 10% - to house owners (to the home treasury - paid out in proportion to its level of development);
  • 10% - for the bonuses of the primary state enterprises: Sawmill, mill, quarry, mine and Delivery service - in equal amounts to each enterprise.

[править] Example of how "Intention" can be applied

A clone has 100 sawmill skills, 600 mining skills (out of which 500 are basic skills and 100 are added with the help of a magic artifact), 2000 military skills (out of which 1000 are basic skills and 1000 are added with the help of a magic object), as well as 150 units of a tradesman's influence.

At a certain point, a clone will have accumulated 50 units of "intention". Respectively, the amount of skills will have grown by 50: 100+50=150 sawmill skills, 600+50=650 mining skills, 2000+50=2050 military skills, and 150 of a tradesman's influence (given that intention does not have any impact on this value).

After some time "Intention" will grow to 900 units. In accordance to this, the level of skills will be looking like this: 100+100=200 sawmill skills (skills may not become any greater than doubled), 500+500+100=1100 mining skills (skills may not grow after their basic skills have been doubled), 1000+1000+900=2900 military skills and 150 units of the tradesman's influence.

If you want to quickly learn the Intention in unlimited quantities, even without living in the house - visit individual lessons.