[править] Chat Room Rules

In the chat room, you must adhere to the conduct code that has been adopted by the Internet Web. Try to be polite and well-mannered, as well as to take into consideration the moderators' and the administration's comments.

The following is prohibited in the chat room:

  1. The use of obscene, vulgar and offensive language, including in a latent form (for example, hiding the part of the word by other symbols).
  2. Holding discussions in a crude, derogatory and condescending form, accentuating on your interlocutors' shortcomings and on their religious or political views.
  3. Promoting violence, racial, sexual/gender, ethnic or any other form of discrimination, as well as the promotion of drug use and incitement to commit acts that violate the mentioned rules, the laws of any country, whose representatives are using the chat room.
  4. It is forbidden to deliberately use nicknames or versions of nicknames, as well as clearly abusive nicknames of fellow chat visitors.
  5. It is forbidden to use nicknames, which explicit or indirect advertising of goods, services or websites.
  6. It is not recommended to constantly send messages in uppercase - "CapsLk" (CapsLock, Shift).
  7. It is not recommended to repeat the same sentence constantly (flooding).
  8. It is forbidden to impose a dialogue on fellow chat participants if they do not wish to chat with you. Attempts to send private messages that bother other chat participants are considered to be a serious violation and complaints that reach our moderators may be treated as a serious offense.
  9. Any attempt to advertise affiliate links, by posting them under the pretext of an innocent chat exchange, is strictly prohibited. Note well that covert and indirect advertisement, hidden under the guise of a chat exchange, is prohibited and that includes any links to other internet resources (except this Game and Game Forum), as well as referral links.
  10. Any offers to purchase, sell, exchange, donate or distribute the game currency, as well as any national currency and the currency of any electronic payment system, is strictly prohibited, including those issued under the guise of a dialogue.
  11. During a quiz in the chat room (in the appropriate chat room), any discussion of issues that are irrelevant to the ongoing quiz (the quiz time schedule is announced in the chat room or in the "Contests" section, in the forum).
  12. During an active Mafia game, any discussion of issues that are irrelevant to the current game (in the "Mafia audience" chat room). See Mafia game status at page https://www.ageofclones.com/mafia
  13. Any offers to purchase or sell game items and property, as well as offers involving the implementation of various actions in the game for a fee (clearly specified or implied), is strictly prohibited. The exceptions are chat rooms with specified subject categories.
  14. All chat rooms are divided into discussion subject categories. Any discussion that does not correspond to its subject is prohibited. Only the general chat room allows a free and loose discussion that is not tied to any particular subject. The rest of the chat rooms each have a narrowly focused .subject of discussion. The Help Chat Room is only for questions and answers on the rules of the game. The Employment Chat Room only focuses on job searches and offers in enterprises, and so on. In the Employment Chat Room only Job Ads or Job Search allowed, any discussion of jobs or conditions of employment prohibited, please use Private Messages for it.
  15. Any public discussion about the moderators and/or their actions is prohibited.

Administrators' and Moderators' Rights of Authority:

  1. The moderators maintain order, not by blindly following the rules, but on the basis of the principles set forth in the rules, and may take decisions based on logic and out of consideration towards the benefit and interests of the majority of the players.
  2. Administrators and moderators have the right to remove offenders, limit or deny them access to specific chat rooms or to all of them.
  3. The administration and moderators may reprimand or make remarks of reproof to other users, if they see fit and necessary to do so.
  4. Administrators and moderators are not obliged to explain the course of their actions to anybody, if they deem it unnecessary to do so. It is not recommended to harass the moderators and the administration with pleas to "explain themselves". However, if it is really crucial for you to find out the reason for a certain decision, you may write your request in a personal message.

If you have witnessed a violation, inform the forum and chat moderators.

If you have any questions on a chat ban removal, please address them via the tech support service.

[править] Colours of Clones' statuses in Chat Room

Clones of every social status are displayed in the chat in different colours. Below you can see which colour corresponds to which status.

  • Serf - grey colour
  • Craftsman - green colour
  • Peasant - brown colour
  • Burgess - dark purple colour
  • Merchant - blue colour
  • Nobleman - light purple colour
  • Boyar - orange colour
  • Emperor - red colour