Information for Ambassadors of the "old referral program"

New principles of the referral program have been introduced since the end of October 2013.

All the old referral relationships between the clones continue to exist and function according to the old rules until the sale of the clone-referral through the Auction of clones. Immediately after the sale of the clone, his Embassy relationship with the clone-ancestor is broken and he disappears from his family tree. If such a clone gets into the account of a player participating in the new referral program, the referrer of this player will receive all the partner bonuses under the rules of the new program with the development of this clone. Otherwise, no partner bonuses are provided. The sale is lost the link only with the parent of the clone. Relationships with children-referrals will continue, the clone will continue to receive the partner bonuses at improving their social status.

Old partner link continues to work, but the new invited players will not become referrals of the Ambassador.

Ambassadors with referrals who have registered under the old rules receive the required one-time bonuses immediately after each increase in the social status of the clone-referral, in the amount of:

  • 1 point of Charisma
  • 20% of the social status costs (from the Craftsman and higher) specified in the "Character" - "Social statuses" game section and paid by the referral

Declared bonuses are paid into the partner's account minus 10% of the value of the bonuses, these 10% come in the "Tournament of Partners" reserves. Only ambassadors of the "new generation" can participate in the Tournament.

Old referral relationships are not transformed into new ones and thus do not bring additional income from the development of the referral described in the "Partnership program" section.

New referral relationships, in turn, do not get the "old" features, but only those that are described in the "Partnership program" section.

In order to participate in the new referral program, you need to get a new partner link.