Oh my...! You got out of your serf's robe… The first step to the establishment of your very own empire... you now truly have significantly more opportunities, but trust me - you're still in quite a miserable position, so don't relax and listen carefully...

[править] Opportunities

Now that you have entered the Trade Guild, the Auctions and Currency Market, you can easily withdraw your earned coins to the credit card of your master (that's you in the real world). Don't be fooled though, your craftsman status leaves you dreaming about the inexhaustible stream of gold coins...

[править] The Daily Energy Rate (work efficiency)

You have become a full right resident of the State. As a mater of fact, a clone of this sort should not be living in hunger, otherwise he/she will simply not have the energy needed to complete various tasks. 1 unit of Work Efficiency is your necessary daily intake. You can order food at the "Canteen". You may buy any type of food at the Commodity Market, after which you stop by the Canteen, where you will see a list what's available. You then have to select the desired amount and click "serve." After all this, take a look at the changing value " Canteen Total" - the value will be measured in work efficiency units. Note that each type of food has it's own amount of calories which is measured in work efficiency content. For example, 1 kg of bread = 25 work efficiency units, 1 egg = 3 work efficiency units, and so on...

The moment you enter the craftsman class, you automatically receive 1 work efficiency unit which, as we have mentioned, will only be enough till the next day...

[править] Clones' Clothing

Forget about the pathetic serf's robe - from now on you are a craftsman and you can try on something more decent-looking that can be found at the Fair. Such clothing is sewn from fibers of a remarkable plant - the Linum, and therefore has a number of useful properties. Craftsmen's clothing will recover 20% of your daily consumed work efficiency units. Aside from that, it will give you 1 Intention unit a day. Of course, you may always slip on clothes that are more luxurious, even emperor's clothes, in order to restore more work efficiency units, but in that case you can forget about the Intention unit, the obtainment of which strictly requires clothes that correspond to the clone's current status. However, you may earn Intention units in another way - in the Canteen, in exchange for Work Efficiency unites, or at the University for gold coins.

[править] Work Options

"I have to stuff myself like a whale - I get it! One single egg costs 0.0072 gold coins on the Commodity Market and it will only last me 3 days, given that 1 egg = 3 work efficiency units and clones burn 1 work efficiency unit a day. Where do I get the gold to buy food at the Сommodity Market?"

You have a choice. Go to the "Work" section, where you will find a vast variety of employment options, one of which you could take up. However, you won't be able to get a job in some of the enterprises, because you need your own instrument to work there. Some of the enterprises are barely making ends meet to pay your salary, for your meals and working tools, but you will get precious experience which is vital to your future development. Experience can be exchanged for many specialized skills.

A very important characteristic - "Intention". No matter where you work or what you do, Intention will increase the qualitative indicators of any skills that you have (increase a clone's expertise). For the training of "Intention" a clone must live in their own or rented house. I highly recommend you to thoroughly study "the ways to develop "Intention"", it will be very helpful to you in the future.

Let's move on: State owned enterprises and private enterprises, both require additional costs for the purchase of an instrument. For example, at the "Sawmill" you can become a lumberjack. In this enterprise, you receive a fixed daily salary, a bonus and a lot of experience. Note that your work will burn 1 more unit of work efficiency. There is no problem with you working at several enterprises at the same time, but this will consume more work efficiency units - each job will burn 1 unit.

Here is an option that does not require additional costs - "Construction". If you spend a little time and closely observe the situation at the construction sites, you will surely find yourself a job for the day, and maybe even for a week or two. Here, an instrument of your own is not required and you will be fully equipped by the Principality foremen. Opt for a salary that will allow you to sustain yourself with food and leave you with something to save up.

You may also work as a carcass ripper and perhaps you will like it there...? As for me, a single glimpse at it makes me sick!

[править] How to become a Wealthy Annuitant

It is important to note that you are already in a position to brighten your bitter situation, you have gained access to the first steps towards becoming a prosperous citizen. By taking these steps not only will you be able to earn a living using your hands, but also your head. An annuitant is a resident, who has income from renting, securities, real estate, mines, raw material development e.t.c. ... In the "Annuitant" section, you can find out in more detail about these possibilities. Obviously, taking these steps is altogether not possible with a hole in your pocket. Allow me to briefly tell you about the benefits of this path.

[править] Real Estate

You can build yourself a roof over your head - start with a simple house. Clone rest in their houses, restoring part of their burnt work efficiency, as well as training their "Intention" characteristic. A clone may lease his house. Homeowners receive benefits from the State (public welfare), from Princes and Mayors. The benefit size depends on the place you have chosen for construction. Don't be shy to write a letter to the Prince and pose questions that interest you, here is the "Princes' Rating". Just make sure not to disturb these serious men with questions, answers to which you will find in the chat room or on the game information pages. The dimensions of the benefits can be regulated by princes and mayors - these are very big people, but do not worry, soon you will measure up to them.

This time, the simplest house is not a dugout any more and you will need material for your new construction. This means you will have to spend more gold coins again - the Commodity Market is at your service. You also have the possibility to expand your existing dugout, using the "Welcoming Shelter", a magic potion which can be purchased at the "Fair".

[править] Securities

Securities - a very profitable business, especially if you purchase using your head to the core, choosing the right moment and the right document, it can be very fruitful... In the "Securities" - "Financial Report" section, you can get acquainted with the basic information on securities.

While you are still a craftsman, your head will not be able to 'absorb' too much, so I will brief you on the details of these pathways when you will be able to assimilate everything. However if you find time, go ahead and wander around and study the "Annuitant" section. You are still taking your first steps, so be a little more cautious and prudent. Do not press a button if you're not sure about the effect it inflicts. Read the tips that appear in many places at the hovering of your mouse cursor.

[править] Warrior/Guard/Brigand

Serfs can take up a military career. You can enter a retinue of one of the principalities without a problem, but you won't be of much use there. Start with "Security Service" where you will be able to gain military experience, as well as participate in the "Battle Tournaments"...

Did I catch that right?? You are craving to rob your neighbor or those moneybags out there? - In this case, your destination is the "Brigands' Den", where hard-boiled pirates and brigands will get you into the swing of things...

[править] What to Expect?

The hard working craftsman-laborers will be squirming around for a long time, trying to make some gold. All your 'body movements' involve the consumption of your energy, which the 'fish' larger than you feed on (the more developed and well off clones). In fact, it is they who sell you the opportunity to exist. You are obliged to abide by their laws and the prices they dictate... I warned you, your growth will be rather gloomy, cruel and unjust at times... but your culmination may glow and reach the highest and brightest stars. Perhaps, the goal of every craftsman is to end his servitude, to establish an independent household, to sustain himself with his very own food, to have the possibility to trade on the commodity market, the ability to save up earnings in order to launch some kind of business(es) of his own and to perfect himself through training...

[править] Becoming a Peasant

This next step is a transition to the next social class "Peasant". You must have basic knowledge in the following areas: livestock, geodetics, agriculture and trade. Having completed your "Training", you will move on to the "Peasant" status. Every skill costs 2.5 gold coins, which makes a total of 10 gold coins. By the way, now you can use the "Clones' Auction", where clones with excellent characteristics appear often enough. I recommend you take a closer look ...

While at the craftsman's level, you can lag behind forever at the level of an artisan and nobody will care, because you're working for a 'big boss'. Many people are actually happy with this situation, but does it satisfy you?

It's up to you, either work and earn gold to pay for your studies or beg your master for help, you are evolving into a more developed being with a prosperous future.

You need to understand what you want more: to live and grow within the craftsman level, multiplying your gold coins, exchanging experience for various skills, combining several working places and growing professionally in enterprises - there might be something appealing in this, but the craftsman's income is limited, because he works on the "big boss"...

Choose what's closer to your heart, it's a virtual life, but it is quite similar to the real, here you have a chance to get a closer look at it through the eyes of a clone. Try everything that appeals to you, but keep in mind that you have to grow, become stronger and to allow nobody to take advantage and feed on you or your resources. Gradually, you will turn into a young, hungry "shark" and the 'newborns' will be warned about you, just like you are being warned now.

See you when you strengthen up and become a peasant! I can tell you many interesting things;) For the time being, I can only tell you that all the peasants, whose age does not exceed 120 days from the birth of the clone, obtain additional welfare from the State.