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Oh! You got out of the serf's uniform, congratulations! The first step towards the formation of your own empire has been passed ... Now there are much more opportunities for you.

First of all, I recommend visiting the University - section "Psychology of success" - for craftsmen now available to you!


You are now allowed into the marketplaces: Trade Guild, at Auctions, ageofclones.com/exchange/currency Currency Market.

You can easily manage gold coins.

The status of "Craftsman" is a working clone, he can get a job in various types of work in State institutions of the Land, or in private enterprises of other clones. I will tell you more about this later...

Daily consumption of "Work Efficiency"

You have become a full-fledged educated citizen of the State! Such a resident should not remain hungry, otherwise he does not have enough energy to do some business. 1 unit of "Work Efficiency" - your daily consumption.

You can consume food from the Canteen.

You can buy any food at Commodities Market; then, going to Canteen, you will see it in the list of available for admission, select the desired amount and click on the button submit.

Next, look at the change in the value of "Canteen Total" - the value will be measured in units of "work efficiency".

Pay attention, each food has its own calorie content, which is measured in the units of work efficiency. For example, 1 kg of bread = 25 units of work efficiency, 1 egg = 3 units.

You have to buy food now, but a clone in the status of "Peasant" can produce and sell it.

When moving to the craftsmen class, you received 1 unit of Work Efficiency - this will only last until the next day...

Clone's clothes

The craftsman can try on more decent items, which can be found at the Fair.

Such clothes are sewn from the fibers of a wonderful plant - "flax", and therefore have a number of useful properties.

Craftsman's clothing will restore 20% of the daily rate of "Work Efficiency" consumption, and also grant + 1 Intention unit per day.

Of course, you can put on more luxurious clothes - yes, even imperial ones, in order to restore more work efficiency, but then forget about the "Intention" characteristic! To obtain this characteristic, clothing must strictly correspond to the social status of a clone.

The "Intention" characteristic is very important, as it increases all other clone's characteristics.

However, the Power of Intention can be developed in another way - in Canteen for "work efficiency" units or in University for gold coins.

Work Options

You have a choice. Go to Job section. Here you see many varieties of labor activity in which you could occupy yourself. However, you will not be able to get a job at some enterprises, since they need their own tools; some enterprises with their salaries will hardly cover your expenses for food and the purchase of a working tool, but you will get precious experience there, it will be necessary for you throughout your future development. "Experience" units can be exchanged for many "specialized expertises" units.

A very important characteristic is "Intention". Wherever you work and whatever you do, the power of intention will increase the quality of any of your skills (increase clone's "special expertises"). In order to train the power of Intention, the clone must live in his own or rented house. I recommend to study in detail ways of "Intention" developing, it can help you in the future.

So: State enterprises + Private enterprises - both require an additional cost for the purchase of a tool. For example, at sawmill you can get a job as a lumberjack. At this enterprise you will receive a daily fixed salary + bonus + a lot of experience units. Note that the job consumes 1 more "Work Efficiency" unit. You will be able to work at several enterprises at the same time, no problem, but you will consume more "Work Efficiency" - 1 unit for each.

And here is an option that does not require additional costs - "Construction". If you spend a little time scouting the situation at construction sites, you will surely find yourself a job for that day, or maybe for a week or two. Here you will not be required to have a tool, you will be provided with everything by the princely foremen. Try to get a salary that is enough for food and for "saving".

You can also work as a meat carcass ripper, maybe you will like it there? Personally, one kind of disgusts me!


As a craftsman you can start a military career. I recommend starting with security activities, where you can gain military experience, you can participate in combat tournaments

What?? Do you want to rob the neighbor or that moneybag? - you are welcome to Brigands' Den, Scorched pirates and bandits will bring you up to date…

Work in guard or carrying out robberies clone will be able to combine with other jobs.

Become a wealthy rentier

It should be noted that the first steps towards becoming a wealthy resident have become available to you. Having made them, you can earn not only with your hands, but also with your "head".

Rentier - a resident who has income from rent, securities, real estate, mines, resource development ... In the "Rentier" section you can learn more about the possibilities. Of course, doing these steps with a hole in your pocket will not work. I briefly tell you about the advantages of this direction.

Real Estate

You can build a roof over your head - start with a simple small house, but no one forbids you to build a whole castle!

The clone rests in the constructed dwelling, restoring some of the spent Work Efficiency for the working day.

The clone can train the Intention characteristic.

The clone can rent out housing.

The owners of houses are paid various benefits - state (by the State), princely (on behalf of the prince if you built a house on his territory), mayors (if you built a house on the territory of this hamlet or city).

The amount of benefits depends on where you choose a place for construction, do not be shy, write a letter to the prince, ask a question of interest, here you are rating of princes.

The amounts of allowances are regulated by them - princes and mayors.

But you can found your own principality and your own city (I'll tell you more about that later). The wind of success is blowing in your sails, soon you will become great too!

For building you will need a material - commodities market will help you. You can also reconstruct the existing dugout, use the magic elixir "Hospitable shelter" for this, it can be purchased at Fair.

Craftsmen only buy resources, but the status of a peasant and higher - they can produce and sell it.


Securities is a highly profitable business. In "Securities" → "Financial Report" section you can get acquainted with the basic information on securities. They bring daily income in gold!

You are still taking the first steps, so be more careful and attentive. Don't click on a button unless you're sure what action it means. Read the hints, they appear in many places when hovering over with the mouse.

It's time for you to be a Peasant

A craftsman is a hard worker who most often works for an "uncle". In this social status, you will not be able to earn much. We need to hurry to move on. The culmination of your development may be as like the light of the brightest star.

The next step is the transition to the next social stratum "Peasant". It is necessary to have basic knowledge in the following areas: Livestock Breeding, Geodesy, Agriculture, Trade.

If you did not have time to earn money for training - you can replenish your account and quickly complete the education. This is one of the ways to save your time. Once trained, you will be promoted to Peasant status. Each of these disciplines costs 2.5 gold coins, for a total of 10 gold coins. Education psychology for craftsmen - free - "Psychology of Success" section!

"By the way, now you can use the auction of clones, characters with excellent stats often appear here, I recommend you take a closer look…

At the level of a craftsman, you work "for an uncle", and " uncle" is satisfied with this state of affairs, but does it suit you?

You can live and develop at the level of a hard worker, save gold for gold, but an craftsman won't earn much, because all his time is busy… He works hard, not his assets, such as real estate or securities, manufacturing enterprises...

How to become rich in such conditions?? - This is a virtual life, but it is quite similar to the real one, here you can take a closer look at it through the eyes of a clone...

Try everything that interests you, but remember, you must grow, become stronger, not let yourself be fed and your means. Gradually you will turn from a fry into a young hungry shark.

See you when you get stronger and become a peasant! I can tell you a lot of interesting things ;) Remember, all peasants, whose age does not exceed 120 days from the birth of a clone, receive a daily additional allowance from the State in the amount of 0.05 gold coin per day.