Greetings, dear friend!

Membership in the Merchant's Guild will give you the image of a very serious merchant and will give reliability to your firm word. Everybody will be pleased to make deals with you, may it be small or big merchants. Your advice on trade will always be heard.

The merchant guilds are the elite, governing from the top of the virtual world's trading platforms. We are talking about the main State wholesalers, whom even emperors address, seeking advice before commencing the construction of certain buildings.

[править] The Kings of the Trade Guilds

A wise merchant is he whose repository is on the verge of breaking apart from the overabundance of a vast variety of commodities. After all, a merchant is a tradesman, and the market, as we all know, is quite a moody and capricious lady. In this half-year term, there's a lack of food, so the price for food is up, whereas in the next term, there is a demand for high-quality construction materials, or fodder crops, and so on and so forth... In order to skillfully choose the right moment to profit off trading, a competent merchant tries to keep stocks of certain goods and deliver them to the market in a very timely manner.

In addition to this, the merchant always has to be on the lookout for any advantageous low-cost goods that appear on the market and, using the system of purchase orders, buys commodities and stores them in his repository.

A merchant, owning a large reserve of resources, can wisely use them in construction projects and the development of his settlement or principality. If you do not have a sufficient amount of stored resources, you will have to re-buy them at the Commodities Market. There are several ways to buy them. You can either buy them in extremely large amounts at a time, creating panic and a price increase of the resource you just bought or you can buy slowly, in small batches, unnoticeably to the market, keeping the price floating at the same level. All these tricks are wisely applied by a clever merchant in his strategy of self-development. Respectively, you can put up certain goods on the market in large quantities, knocking down the price to the minimum, or to put them up in small batches, which requires the market to conserve the current prices.

[править] Currency Exchange

Merchants enthusiastically apply their knowledge and trading skills in the currency market. By analyzing the time intervals and fluctuations of the game currency, they knowingly find that "very best price", waiting for the right moment and buy in pretty impressive volumes. As soon as the right moment comes, they make profitable sales. Thanks to the large volumes, merchants can make more profit. A merchant will always be able to invest profitably bought gold into the expansion of his production, the purchasing of goods or to save it for any future patronage of the development of public institutions or help his real-life master...

[править] Patronage

If the State Office records a merchant as a patron - he is transferred to the privileged class of "noblemen" - another step towards the emperor's throne, although moving up through all the social classes is not enough, in order to be an emperor. It is necessary to have a powerful principality and city. This is why, in addition to confidently moving up from one class to another, growing wealthier and richer, it is necessary to concenter power in your hands...

Hopefully, when I see you as a nobleman, you will already be a respected prince with a good retinue and a powerful fleet. I will have something to share with you... I wish you exciting and large-scale trading, as much experience as you can get, success in your construction and as little downtime as possible.