What a pleasant sight, you are growing up!

You have made a giant step forward, having surpassed 70% of the virtual State's population! Now you belong to the "Peasant" social class. Well, let's discuss your current position...

First of all, I would like to highlight the fact that you have become a much more significant figure, therefore your State benefits will rise. You now have the right to establish your settlement - a small hamlet, which perhaps will grow into a magnificent city with time.

[править] Your Settlement

Settlement Possibilities include the construction and development of your own production and processing enterprises. You can manufacture wood, mine for stone and ore, produce cereals, flour, compound food for animals, processed wood, stone or iron, and have the possibility of having your own orders at the State resource processing factory (beam, blocks, equipment and other type of construction material). This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the possibilities of development that are now open to you and it is pointless to recite the list of all the possibilities right now, because you can find out all the details yourself if you wish. By creating a settlement, you will literally be kicking off with work of a governor, that will include hiring workers for your enterprises, managing social activities and being able to give out social benefits to your settlement's residents (on behalf of the Mayor). At the same time, you will begin to receive additional benefits from the State, from the Prince and from the Mayor, on whose territory you are establishing your administrative unit (hamlet). I hope that you understand that a small hamlet has a directly proportional possibility of development to its size. In order to become a respected ruler and a major figure and wholesaler, you will have to work very hard by applying all your skills for your small hamlet to grow into a majestic city and for you to become a great mayor.

[править] Harvesting

The "Peasant" social class gives you the opportunity to take up agriculture and cattle breeding on your own property. In our State, land plots are granted for every house built, where peasants can then cultivate and harvest the land. A variety of plants can be grown on such land plots - from livestock feed to vegetables for the residents' supplies. Due to the presence of animals, like cows and pigs, you have the possibility to feed them with products of your own production, which as a result will bring you milk, meat and manure for the plants. The proper maintenance of your agricultural activity will be reflected in the final product cost, which you will be able to use to sustain yourself and your household, as well as for sale. Now you have every right to trade on all trading floors of the State.

[править] Farming

When you will be farming animals, you will be able to participate in various tournaments with prizes in gold coins. There is a very vast variety of nominations: "the highest milk yield", "the heaviest new-born (calf)", "the largest number of eggs laid by a hen", "the largest number of hatched chicks" etc. ... Participation of pigs in races on the pig track- placing bets, the bitterness of defeat, the triumphant taste of victory - all this is at your service.

[править] Civil Service

Yes, a peasant can get a better-paid job at state-owned enterprises, while maintaining all the possibilities that were available to him in the previous, lower social class.

Your current position allows you not only to provide yourself with food, but also to receive income. Obviously, a pair of peasant hands will not be able to earn mountains of gold ... As we say in our virtual world - "If a clone brings good income, then better have two clones." In this manner, you may choose the quantitative strategy of increasing your number of clones... You may also pick the qualitative approach, by climbing up the social ladder of development. After having completed your training, you will enter the next social class - "burgess".

[править] The "Intention" Characteristic

A very important characteristic is "Intention". No matter where you work or what you do, the power of this characteristic will increase the quality indicators of any skill that you possess (will increase a clone's skill(s)). In order to train "intention", a clone must always reside in his/her own or rented house. I recommend you to thoroughly look into the details in the ways to develop "Intention", it will be of great use to you in the future.

[править] On Your Way to Become a Burgess?

The establishment of your very own Principality is available to everyone in this stratum! You have the possibility of cultivating a larger number of land plots and farm a number several times higher of cattle, chickens and pigs, than a peasant. You now have employment opportunities of managerial positions in state enterprises, although it should be noted that getting such a job will not be easy, as it requires experience and knowledge. To occupy a high position in a state-owned enterprise, you will need to work hard there, accumulating skills, to work your way up the career ladder; some opt for this path of development...

All burgesses, whose age does not exceed 150 days, obtain additional daily benefits from the State.

[править] Future "Big Shot"

If you want to start getting noticed, you absolutely need to develop, increase your production volume, keep in tune with the market trends of what's on demand, learn to make long-term predictions etc. Do not forget that you are becoming a full-value market participant. Perhaps, over time you will be able to handle marketing volumes, that will have an impact on market prices. Who knows what the future may bring... perhaps you are the one who will be setting the market prices for a particular product...

So, you're a peasant and you are now aware of the general opportunities available to you, however, you still know little. Don't be shy or hesitate to pose any arising questions to the more experienced players in the help chat, or even in the chat rooms, where you will always get a prompt reply. However, you must stay prudent and remember one golden rule: Good advice doesn't come from the hungry mouth of a serf, but from the mouth of great men - the wise and the successful.

As soon as you become a burgess, give me a nudge! I will fill you in on a lot of interesting things!