Welcome to the World of Clones, %name%! Allow me to introduce myself, I am Boyar of the World of Clones and State Assistant. My task is to help clones throughout their entire life path up to emperor status. Even emperors receive wise advice from me...

[править] Social status

In this virtual world there are 8 social classes, through which clones pass throughout their formation and development: a serf, a craftsman, a peasant, a townsman, a merchant, a nobleman, a boyar and an emperor.

A serf - everyone starts off with this status. At some point in their lives, emperors too where nothing but miserable serfs.

Throughout his/her development, the clone moves from one social class to another. With each new step ahead of him, new possibilities arise – the opportunity to start off his own business project, trade, well remunerated management positions in the state-owned enterprises and the opportunity to create their own settlements and even principalities.

During chat room exchanges, clone names are highlighted in different colours, each colour corresponding to a certain social class to which a clone belongs: serf - gray, craftsman - green, peasant - brown, Burgess - purple, merchant - blue, nobleman - pink, boyar – orange, emperor - red.

Nobody will take the words of a clone, belonging to a lower social class into serious consideration – this is simply explained by the fact that they have achieved little in this world. The higher one’s social status, the greater the respect and attention he/she deserves! Our virtual world is but a mirrored replica of our physical world.

If a serf was the only clone on one’s gaming account, the player has confirmed his e-mail in the account settings – such a clone would live forever and wait for orders from his master.

If a serf clone has not confirmed his e-mail in the account settings, and did not appear in the game for over 90 days – this clone automatically leaves the virtual world. If a serf-clone was the only character on one’s game account, then this account will automatically be closed and the game wealth, obtained during the game, will not be restored.

If the serf was not the only clone on the account, in any case, his life-span is 90 days.

[править] Welfare (Government Aid)

Supplementary government aid is available to all clones in the beginning of their life path.

Hurry up and become a craftsman! Note that all craftsmen, whose life span does not exceed 100 days, receive additional welfare from the State on a daily basis. Thus, the faster you will get through the learning process and raise your status, the greater will be the amount of expenses that you will be able to return, thanks to them being covered by the State benefit. Do not waste your energy on low-income work of a serf laborer - hurry up and become a full resident of the State!

In the World of Clones, there is a total of 4 benefit categories. Besides grants for young State residents, there are also the following:

  • Age driven welfare (the older the clone, the higher the benefits), paid at the end of the week.
  • Social class driven welfare.
  • Welfare for active players.

Our special section "For serfs" in the "Work" menu tab will help the poor find low-income jobs.

A serf will only find a job as a maintenance worker at one of the state-owned enterprises: the sawmill, stone pit, mine or mill. This kind of work is unpaid and its sole purpose is to gain experience.

A serf may purchase a maintenance worker's robe, whose permeability is 30 working days long. When your clone grows into a higher social class "a craftsman" - on the occasion of this joyous event, the clone is to burn his/her laborer's robe, even if it is brand new - a serf's robe will be no longer of any use to him in this life. As for clones of higher social class, it is only appropriate for them to wear decent clothes, that reflect their status.

Once a day, you may stop at the Dosshouse in order to awaken pity in the personnel with your pathetic appearance... This may help you get a job, a roof over your head, and even receive social welfare from the charity fund.

The Embassy is one of the state owned institutions of the World of Clones, in which you have a chance to prove yourself. Work at the Embassy may provide you with a lifelong income. After registering on the affiliate program page, you will receive all the necessary tools for your job. Work at the embassy can be combined with any other work without any additional costs. Partnership activities are very promising and highly paid, though not everyone understands the fine art of advertising.

Bag - A clone's bag, may it be a serf's or an emperor's bag, is used to carry any object necessary for work, construction, trade etc. The movement of any of your clone's assets is registered in the bag's accounting book.

Any financial operations are reflected on your game account. All clones' working places are registered in their employment record book. Any characteristic changes of a player are recorded in the characteristics log, which you may always view and analyze on the player's page.

[править] First Private Business

Serfs can take up flower growing! Flowers are on demand in the virtual world. Residents of the World of Clones apply them into letters to express interest or gratitude to their recipient. In addition to this, flowers are used to greet honorable warlords with another of their heroic victories in a battle. Therefore, there are wholesalers, belonging to a higher social class, who buy flowers in view of a future resale at a better price during moments of major award giving ceremonies of military commanders.

Flowers are grown in the front yard of a house, a dugout etc., which is a very modest construction, simply because a serf builds them on his very own, without spending a penny. On a State farm, flower seeds are given out for free to serfs, who are then able to sell their locally grown flowers for real gold at the fair. Due to the fact that the serf has a small flower bed around his dugout, he is unable to engage in major cultivation and flower wholesale.

[править] Game currency

The State has its own game currency - the "gold coin". This game currency may be purchased by a player for the development of his clone and withdrawn back from the game to his credit card or e-wallet. All transactions in the virtual world are carried out in gold coins (receiving your salary, dividends payment, welfare and other payments).

You also have access to services provided by private banks, where you can purchase in-game currency at a favorable rate.

In order to withdraw gold coins from the game, first they need to be exchanged for "Clonero" on the currency exchange market. After this, you will be able to sell your Cloner for an e-currency of your choice, after which the money will get to your electronic purse or account within 5 working days. More information can be found in the "Game Account" section.

If you are seriously interested in the game, then do not waste your precious time - refill your game account and start to develop. After all, the game does not cease to develop for a single moment, something new and interesting appears constantly - new profitable financial and gaming opportunities. Be at the center of all events and success will not leave your virtual twin.

[править] Quizzes and Contests

In the chat room, besides communicating, discovering what is happening in the game or sharing development strategies, you also have the opportunity to participate in the daily quiz at 20:00 - Moscow time, on the Market Square (chat room). The quiz consists of answering 3 (out of 20) questions.

Every correct answer will bring you 0.10 gold coins. The quiz moderator poses a question and the first one to give the correct answer wins 0.10 gold coins.

This way, you can earn up to 0.30 gold coins. Anyone who wishes may participate. In addition, you have the possibility to become a quiz moderator by constructing 20 interesting questions for the players. The quiz moderator earns 1 gold coin per quiz. Details on the quiz can be found in the chat room.

Immediately after completing the quiz, an exciting game called "Mafia" is held in the chat room.

While chatting, you may notice that the players' nicknames are shown in different colours. This allows you to determine which social class the clone belongs to. The colours in which a nickname is written indicates their social status, as follows:

  • Serf - grey colour
  • Craftsman - green colour
  • Peasant - brown colour
  • Burgess - dark purple colour
  • Merchant - blue colour
  • Nobleman - light purple colour
  • Boyar- orange colour
  • Emperor - red colour

The forum constantly holds interesting contests for players, many of which give prizes in cash. Contests to anyone's taste can be found here - whether intellectual, artistic or literary.

[править] The State Duma

Residents belonging to the privileged social classes, "noblemen" and those above him, can introduce their own bill and put it up for discussion and vote in the State Duma! Just imagine - if the general vote results turn out positive - your bill will be implemented and the entire virtual world, with no exception, will live in accordance with your new law!

Thus, the architects of this virtual world are its residents! Who knows... perhaps it is you who has the qualities of a supreme ruler, and that your ideas and bills will change life across the entire State for the better... perhaps even in a very dramatic way!

Serfs are not only considered to be needy, but also practically powerless. Residents of the State believe that serfs are not able to offer anything worthy due to scarce knowledge of our virtual world, because they are not allowed to participate in voting for any given bill proposed in the State Duma.

[править] Brigands, Guards and Tournaments

Do you like risky business and "easy" money? As soon as you become a craftsman, the door to the Brigands' Den will be wide open to you. Arm yourself to the teeth or tempt fate with your bare hands. You will be able to rob wealthy houses of your own choice and your jackpot might be huge! However, be prudent - if you get caught, you may be subject to vile torture in the basement. If you become a well respected bandit, of course, you can try to pay yourself out...

Tournaments will not only help improve your fighting skills, but will also bring you jingling gold coins if you take one of the winning places. A little glory won't do you any harm!

You stand against crime? In this case, you can hire a guard for your property or join the "Settlement Squad" (hamlet, village, town, city). Participate in treasure hunts, prevent robbery attacks, or maybe take up a career as a professional soldier and defend the Principality.

[править] The Flea Market

Visit the Flea Market more often, where you can get a hold of quite decent things for a cheap price or even free of charge. The flea market is a wonderful place, where you can find so many different things, starting from a collapsing hammer to a majestic warship - aged with cobwebs, but this will be just enough for one or two military campaigns. You will be able to use most of the items on sale there in future endeavors throughout your development.

[править] Commodities Market

The serf may purchase food items on the Commodities Market of the World of Clones. Once a clone becomes a craftsman, he will be able to purchase all kinds of resources at the Commodities Market and at the Fair. As for securities, he will be able to purchase them at the Securities Market and trade gold coins at the Currency Market.

The great majority of State securities bring daily dividends, which are transferred to your account.

As soon as a clone moves on up to the next social class "Peasant", he will be able to participate in the trade business, not only as a customer, but also as a trader. You will be able to try out various trading strategies and perhaps with time, with the help of your big business deals, you will affect the entire State's market. In the game, there are speculators who often hold quite vivid economic wars right on the sales areas. It is very interesting to observe them, as sometimes their daily profit measures up to a monthly salary of a real-life person!

[править] Auctions

As soon as you become a craftsman, you get access to the auctions of the World of Clones.

  • Auction of Clones - here, the government sells characters (clones that were blocked at least a year ago for a variety of serious violations of the user agreement), sometimes you can buy sufficiently developed clones for a very good price.
  • Auction of Securities - this is the place where you can buy securities of different state-owned enterprises. Securities may bring a very high income, dividends of almost all types of securities would be transferred to your account daily. Some players do not see themselves in the game without the presence of a large portfolio of various securities. In some cases, revenue from the qualitatively collected portfolio of securities brings much more monthly than an average salary of a real-life person.

If your clone is a peasant, he is able to sell any of his securities on the Stock Market at any time.

[править] Guidance & Assistance of a Mentor

Every serf in the game may receive help from a mentor. A mentor is a wiser and much more experienced player. He/she will help you understand the possibilities of the game and will give you advice on how to get a job, your first profit and how to move up the social ladder or just explore your surroundings.

A mentor can be selected at the Embassy. Changing your mentor is also possible.

When learning from a mentor, a clone acquires additional features - experience or intention. For example, after successfully obtaining the craftsman status, the clone will receive 500 experience points! As for the mentor who rendered assistance to another, he becomes an even wiser teacher, for which he will also be compensated with 4 experience units. To get the mentioned bonuses, enter the name of your mentor at the University before you continue with your general education.

If a serf communicates with the selected mentor via the game messenger, in this case the restriction of one letter per hour is lifted and the serf can communicate with his mentor without limits.

The serf's mentor may be a clone of any status, ranging from a craftsman to an emperor. Doubtlessly, an emperor is probably the best guide, but will you be able to find one? It is not simple…

The only serfs who may have a mentor are those who only have one clone on their account. A mentor may not be a clone sharing the same account as the serf.