The arena has the capacity to host professional training battles, with the principality retinue, during which fighters can significantly enhance their combat skills. This is the place where a clone, constantly exercising and getting a great share of experience, has a chance to become a true professional in the filed of military affairs.

Only fighters belonging to the principality retinue and having paid their daily principality arena training fee, have access to the Principality Arena. Thus, training is carried out with those soldiers, who expressed their desire to train. The Prince sets the training fee. A clone whose work efficiency is below 0 (or clone from account, where there are clones with work efficiency below 0), cannot train at arena.

The Principality «Training Arena» is comprised of enormous territories for the carrying out of field training, water-area training as well as a port for marine training. In this way, one is able to complete training on artillery and on battleships. Only a clone, belonging to a social status no lower than that of a «Peasant», is allowed to command artillery, and to take command of a battleship - a clone needs to be of a social status, no lower than a «Burgess».

If you are serving and training on a more advanced arena, your training becomes more intense and more professional. On these types of arenas the kvass consumption allowance per clone is higher during training sessions, which gives you the possibility to obtain a higher amount of combat expertise daily. You can pay for the desired number of training days, set the amount of kvass, which will automatically be consumed by the clone during each training session (the kvass will be retrieved by the clone from his/her bag or refectory automatically, if available). You can also set the type of "bonus" skills that a clone wishes to receive, through his/her kvass consumption. The accrual of military skills, the wearing out of a weapon's durability and kvass consumption all take place in 24 hours from the moment the training begins. In case of a clone's dismissal from the retinue, the gold that a clone prepaid for any future training sessions will be reimbursed to him/her.

Training on a more advanced arena will also give a significant boost to the "Military Skills Bonus" characteristic, which may then be exchanged for military skills at the Canteen with the help of Kvass. For more information on this feature, visit the relevant Help section (under the 'Principality Retinue' heading).

Ammunition used by soldiers during training and exercises, is automatically provided by the Principality Arena. The soldiers' weapons wear out throughout their training. If a firearm is so worn out, that it just stops working during a training session, you will continue training using cold arms (if you have one on you), or continue with hand to hand combat (in the case of absence of any weapons). Each training session uses up 1 work efficiency unit of a clone. Therefore, be careful and monitor the wearing out of your weapon and the presence of work efficiency and food in your Canteen.

Even the retinue's ability to recognise the enemy's dummies, used by Webman to deceive the army before an attack, depends on how advanced the training arena is.

  • The arena is not built or is in need for reparatory/maintenance works: 60%
  • 1st level arena: 70%
  • 2nd level arena: 75%
  • 3rd level arena: 80%
  • 4th level arena: 85%
  • 5th level arena: 90%
  • An arena of any level with a large built "War Statue" construction: 100%

[править] Table of daily increase of expertise of military affairs, the wearing out of weapons, depending on the latter's type


Keep in mind that the amount of a clone's individual expertise of military affairs (basic theory and knowledge) is limited. For further details under the "Guard" heading of the Help section.