Do you want to use your military skills to help the residents of the Land of Clones to keep their property (the treasury of the real estate or administrative unit) from raids of bandits or to protect the borders of the state from the intrusion of the insidious General Webman?

Well... very commendable desire, but you need to be prepared.

You can get employed as a security guard at home, or in the guard squad of the AU, or in the Prince’s troops of the principality.

Any clone of social status craftsman or higher, can serve as a guard.

You cannot get employed as a security guard within 24 hours after participating in a fight (as a robber or as a security guard). If you retire from the Prince’s troops, you cannot get employed as a security guard of houses or another squad for 24 hours.

The guard applies an application to the owner of the property, settlement or principality, which can approved or rejected by the owner. He can fire the already taken careless guard.

You can also withdraw your application or resign yourself.

If you have clones with wearing weapons on your account, then it will be very easy for you to arrange them in your own homes from the page "Your houses", or in your AU from the page of "Squad". In order to do this, open the list of "Guards" -> "Your clones".

Chances for employment depend on the development of the characteristics of a candidate.

[править] Characteristics of a guard

Reliable security guards are valued - those who have sufficient expertise in military affairs and those who have military rank (the higher the better), which increases expertise in military affairs during the battle by a coefficient:

Rank Coefficient
Second lieutenant/ Cornet/Non-commissioned lieutenant 1%
Lieutenant 2%
Staff-captain/ Lieutenant Captain 3%
Captain/ Captain third rank 4%
Lieutenant colonel/ Captain second rank 5%
Colonel/ Captain first rank 6%
Major general/ Rear admiral 7%
Lieutenant general/ Vice admiral 8%
General/ Admiral 9%
Field-marshal-general/ Fleet admiral 10%

Houses and administrative units can have an additional protection system built of black pearls. Such a system will additionally increase the amount of military expertise of the guards by a certain coefficient, during the battle. More details you can find in the help sections of the real estate and town planning.

The following characteristics are important for security activity:

Characteristic What affects How to increase
Health The duration of the battle + 20 units per day automatically

1 "Health potion" - up to 100 health units at once

Expertise in military affairs Affect the accuracy of the shot/strike with a cold weapon (are compared with an enemy) * +1 point for an inaccurate shot/strike with a cold weapon

+2 points for an accurate shot/strike with a cold weapon

+0 points for accurate/inaccurate punch

Training at the Arena in the Principality

Visiting the War Temple Complex

Initiative Determines the chance of preventing robbery without “noise and dust’’ (without fighting and shots)

Used in the selection of the priority of shooting

+1 point per robbery (it does not matter whether it's successful or not)

Visiting the Thermae

Service in the Prince's Troops (see below)

Note, that the value of your own expertise in military affairs (basic expertise) of a clone cannot be higher than the value of 1,000,000 units. But a clone can temporarily have an amount of EMA more than this value through by using jewelry, magical artifacts and the "intention" characteristic. Battle awards do not increase the EMA more than 1 million units.

* The accuracy of the shot/hit is determined by the ratio of the amount of military expertise on both sides. Even if you have much more expertise than an enemy - do not relax, you still have a chance to miss.

[править] Accessories - Magic items that enhance characteristics

You can buy magic items (belt, sash) at the Fair, putting on which, you will increase the amount of initiative or military expertise accordingly.

You can put on 1 item for each type of characteristics; the maximum duration of their action (in days) is equal to the durability of the object. The object can be removed, if necessary. Durability of the object does not decrease, if it is just in the bag or in the storehouse.

While the object is put on - the characteristic will be higher by the value indicated on the object. If you remove the item, this bonus will be lost.

You can sell unnecessary item at the Fair.

[править] Combat Skills

On the Character - Combat skills page, you can gain additional combat skills that can improve some of the characteristics in combat, say: reduce the damage to you, or improve the accuracy of your strikes, and maybe even restore your health.

The quantity of skills you can get depends on the availability of your military expertise (which is not wasted when acquiring skills).

Your opponent may also have some skills, do not forget about it.

Note that some skills work in all battles, and some only in battles between guard and robber, but do not work in battles with a common enemy (attacks of a Prince’s troops).

More information you can find in the help section on the page Character - Combat skills.

[править] Health recovery

The character never dies, he only loses his health points, which are automatically restored by 20 units every 24 hours. In addition, you can restore your health points by using «Health potion» in the Canteen.

One potion restores the health indicator to a maximum of 100 units. You can buy it at the Fair or produce it in the Magicians' Tower.

Restoration of health with the potion is only possible before the battle begins. The automatic restoration of health with the help of the potion occurs also before the start of the battle, in which the character enters, when the prescribed condition is met at the minimum health threshold.

[править] Working conditions

Your goal is to save the treasury of the protected object (house or administrative unit) during the day, which the owner would be able to withdraw at the estimated time.

Robbers and gangs of robbers can receive tips on a particular house or AE at the Brigands' Den. The tip indicates the size of the gold coins (treasury), which they can steal.

A guarded house can face a certain number of robberies per day: house level/10, minimum - one robbery. Each house has its own time of resetting the counter of robberies.

Each AU, regardless of type (hamlet, village, town, city), can be attacked no more than three times a day.

A house can be robbed only by one robber simultaneously, and an AU can be attacked by a gang of several robbers.

Robbers must have with them gold coins in the amount of 50% of the treasury of the protected object, during the attack.

If the attack is successfully repulsed, the guards will take away the gold of the unfortunate robber and:

  • 20% - will be given to the owner of the house / AU
  • 80% - they will take away themselves (it is divided into all guards by the squads according to the amount of the expertise of military affairs, taking into account the increasing of expertise in military affairs from the military rank).

In case of successful theft, thieves will take all the accumulated treasury of the object.

If the guards have the "Initiative" characteristic badly-developed, and the thieves, on the other hand, have a well-developed "Robber's Luck" characteristic, their chances of robbing the object, remaining unnoticed, are very large. So do not forget to develop your characteristics!

[править] Armament

Thieves will come not with empty hands, but with cold and/or firearms, so arm yourself in advance! You can buy any weapons in the Weapon shop, at the Overseas Weapons Auction or at the Arm’s Stock Market.

You can have an unlimited number of weapons, but you can wear only one type of firearm and cold arm at a time.

Attention! You can wear a uniform and an ammunition kit (of any kind of troops and type, except of a soldier's one (ammunition kit for private soldiers)) - it will be equated to a cold weapon (saber). Do not forget that for this you need to have the appropriate military rank. (Tailoring of uniforms and ammunition on the Land of Clones temporarily is not produced).

Each weapon has two characteristics: durability (the number of strokes or shots that can be committed by a weapon) and damage (the minimum and maximum number of units of health points that the enemy will lose when struck/fired).

Different types of firearms have different ammunition size, limiting the number of cartridges that can be taken with them into battle. You can buy ammunition in the Trade Guild, and if you get the weapons master education, you can make it yourself from the right components. For the protection of houses and AU salt cartridges are required, for service in the prince's troops – combat one.

If you do not have a cold arm - you will strike with your fist, in case of an accurate strike, the opponent will be damaged from 5 to 10 points. Military expertise for such strikes is not assessed.

With a full expenditure of durability, the weapon is considered non-working; it must be replaced with a new one. If there is a storehouse on the account, then it is possible to configure the automatic replacement of the consumed weapon (if it is in good order). The weapon will be replaced after the end of the fight, during a fight this is impossible.

[править] Protection

You can wear one leather thing (jacket, vest or cloak), which will reduce the damage done to you by charges or cold arm.

Each thing has its own durability and degree of protection.

On how many points clothing will reduce the damage in an attack - by so many units its durability will decrease.

The degree of damage protection depending on the type of leather clothing and weapon type:

Type of protective clothing Punches and Cold arms Firearms, salt cartridges Firearms, combat cartridges and cannonballs
Leather vest (initial durability 3000 units) 1-5% 6-12% 3-7%
Leather jacket (initial durability 5000 units) 5-10% 15-25% 7-13%
Leather cloak (initial durability 10000 units) 10-20% 30-50% 10-25%
Samurai Leather cloak (initial durability 10000 units) 10-40% 30-80% 10-50%
Leather cloak of dragon scales (initial durability 15000 units) 80-100% 80-100% 70-100%

You can buy leather clothes at the Fair.

[править] Battle

In order to enter the battle, you need to have at least 10 units of health. A hungry clone will not be able to fight; if the guard's Energy is below 0, then he will automatically lose the fight.

If a clone guard participates in any Tournament and at the time of a tournament battle a protected object is under attack, then the guard does not participate in the protection of the object, since he is busy in the tournament.

[править] Face to face

A security guard, as well as a robber, can fight a battle as long as his health points is more than or equal to 10, after that he is considered incompetent and would be eliminated from a battle.

If you well equipped with firearms, it would be used first. A security guard or a robber can use a firearm until one of them is capable and until they have enough of cartridges in the ammunition bag.

If the firearm is missing or the ammunition bag is already empty, a security guard or a robber would use a cold arm. If he don’t have a cold arm either, he will fight by his fists, but only after the enemy has used up all the cartridges in his ammunition bag.

[править] Settlement squad against a gang of robbers

If an AU is attacked by a gang of robbers, a fight will start between them and settlement squad.

The fight goes by general rules, with some peculiarities:

  • Participants of a battle make an attack in decreasing order of the initiative units; not taking into account is it a guard or a robber
  • Shot/strike is directed to a randomly selected opponent
  • If there are several shots in a row (let’s say, from a three-barrel rifle), then each of them is considered single and is made by a randomly selected opponent
  • A battle ends when one of the parties does not have participants with a health units of 10 or higher

[править] Kvass

You can drink this wonderful drink in the Canteen. If you drink a bottle of kvass before a fight, you will receive a bonus depending on what you choose: expertise of military affairs (+10 units) or military initiative (+2 units). You can drink from 1 to 3 bottles of kvass before each battle.

In addition, the properties of kvass can add one more unit of any available expertise to a clone (except for such expertise as "criminal authority", "Robber's Luck" or "luck"). The type of expertise is randomly selected.

Expertise, obtained in such a way, remains forever.

In addition, each consumed bottle of kvass automatically exchanges the existing clone’s Bonus to Expertise in military affairs units for Expertise in military affairs units by a ratio of 1:1 (but not more than 33 units for each bottle).

[править] Prince’s troops

The enemy, led by General Webman, has been threatening the Land of Clones for some time, dreaming to seize it and establish its own order there. Valiant princes and their troops repulse our common enemy attacks. Join their forces, show a valor in a battle!

In order to join prince’s troops a clone has to be a social status of a craftsman and higher. It is not necessary to have any weapon or any expertice, but you will increase your chances to join if you have them. The Prince personally reviews the application and accepts the best fighters.

Note: an artillery pieces can be commanded by a clone of a social status of "Peasant" and higher, and a battle ship by a clone of a social status of "Bourgeois" or higher. If a warship is equipped with rigging equipment, then a clone requires the index of rigging practice to be at least 100 units. Such experienced captains receive daily payments from the Captains' Fund. Payments are made according to the weight of a clone, the weight is the number of units of Rigging practice. Clone can study the Rigging practice at the University (in general classes with teachers or in the process of individual training).

A Dragon Riders has to be a clone of the social status of burgees or higher, also he has to have appropriate education and an intention level of at least 3000 units.

Battle ships equipped with rigging equipment have higher durability and protection (see table). The production of rigging equipment is available to princes (with the improvement of all the enterprises of the principality not lower than level 3), as well as to owners of administrative units of a town or higher. You can also buy rigging equipment on the Commodities Market. Rigging of vessels is implemented in the section Business - Arms production - Improvement of the combat fleet.

Ship type Durability improvement Improvement of basic armour
Brig +4500 ед. +7%
Corvette +6000 ед. +8%
Battleship +9000 ед. +10%

All clones serving in the Prince’s troops get characteristics' charges, depending on their military rank:

  • +1 units of initiative if a clone does not have the rank;
  • +2 units of initiative (in rank from Second lieutenant/Cornet/Non-commissioned lieutenant to Lieutenant/ Staff-captain/Lieutenant captain);
  • +3 units of initiative (in rank from Captain/Captain third rank to Lieutenant colonel/Captain second rank);
  • +4 units of initiative (in the rank of Colonel/Captain first rank );
  • +5 units of initiative (in the rank of Major general/Rear admiral);
  • +6 units of initiative (in the rank of Lieutenant general/Vice admiral);
  • +7 units of initiative (in the rank of General/Admiral);
  • +10 units of initiative (in the rank of Field-marshal-general/Fleet admiral).

If there is built but not repaired Barracks in the Principality, and there are "extra" soldiers, arranged beyond the normal limit (without additional places that give Barracks), then such soldiers chosen at random will not receive a daily characteristics' charges.

In addition, troops can train their combat characteristics by training on the training arena built by the Prince (for a description of the training process, see Character - Combat skills section).

Prince's troops, that are under siege cannot attack any enemy army (cannot leave the principality). Soldiers cannot leave Prince's troops in such a case.

When serving in a Prince's troops (in the absence of fighting of a Prince's troops), a clone does not spend Energy.

[править] Warfare

Only military units of those principalities, in which Crest is raised, can conduct military operations against the enemy. Prince’s troops of each principality can commit no more than 1 attack per day. If a clone trains in the arena during a fight, he still participates in the battle.

If a Crest is raised in the Principality, the Webman's army can independently attack such an unprotected principality. In this case, it is believed that the principality conducted one attack, and would not be able to attack this day no more. If during the day a principality has already independently attacked the enemy, the attack of the Webman's army is still possible. If the defensive wall is built and in good order, then the enemy detachment will use the siege tactics of the principality. If the defensive wall is not built (or it is destroyed), then when the prince's troops are defeated, the result will be the same as with a successful siege (capture of the principality). Read more about siege warfare in the Principality’s Help section (chapter of the Prince’s troops - Combat actions - Siege tactics).

Participating in a battle, clone consumes 1 unit of energy. If a clone lacks energy, then he does not take part in a battle. Also, he does not take part in the fight if his health units are below 10 and he is not recovered automatically before the fight.

During the fighting as part of the prince's troops, a clone receives increased charges of characteristics:

  • military expertise: for accurate hit +6 units, for inaccurate +2 units.
  • initiative: for participation in the battle +3 units, for the victory +6 units.
  • bonus to military expertise: depending on the weapon used (see below in the corresponding section).

For using firearms, it is necessary for a clone to have combat cartridges (cannonballs - for cannons and ships). The production of combat cartridges and cannonballs is available in the Arms production section, and the sale/purchase in the Trade Guild. Dragons Riders have to feed their pets with a plenty of naphtha in order for their dragons to fight in a battle with them.

Some combat skills that are available to a clone will NOT function during the battle between Prince’s troops and the enemy.

Protective leather clothing will save fighters from bullet and shrapnel wounds, but the damage reduction would be lower compared to protection against salt charges).

The degree of damage protection depending on the type of leather clothing and weapon type:

Type of protective clothing Punches and Cold arms Firearms, salt cartridges Firearms, combat cartridges and cannonballs
Leather vest (initial durability 3000 units) 1-5% 6-12% 3-7%
Leather jacket (initial durability 5000 units) 5-10% 15-25% 7-13%
Leather cloak (initial durability 10000 units) 10-20% 30-50% 10-25%
Samurai Leather cloak (initial durability 10000 units) 10-40% 30-80% 10-50%
Leather cloak of dragon scales (initial durability 15000 units) 80-100% 80-100% 70-100%

You can buy leather clothes at the Fair.

All weapons during the battle wears out much faster:

  • Each shot of combat cartridge in the battle reduces the durability of the weapon by 10 units.
  • Each shot of cannonball reduces the durability of the weapon by 10 units.

Prince's troops can be deceived by Webman and they will attack the moulage of the enemy. Before the prince's army understands that it was a trick, it would make one volley on the dummies of the enemy.

Prince's army would be considered the loser of this battle, so they would not be able to collect the spent ammunition from the battlefield according to general rules. Everyone who hit the target would receive expertise of military affairs and initiatives in accordance with general rules.

The prince and his troops can recognize the trick of the enemy with different chances, which depend on the level of development of the prince's training arena:

  • The arena is not built or is in need for reparatory/maintenance works: 60%
  • 1st level arena: 70%
  • 2nd level arena: 75%
  • 3rd level arena: 80%
  • 4th level arena: 85%
  • 5th level arena: 90%
  • An arena of any level with a large built "War Statue" 5th level construction: 100%

[править] Salary and combat trophies

Regardless of whether the Prince’s troops won the battle or lost it, all participants in the battle would be paid gold coins, according to the amount of knocked-out health points of the enemy. The cost of the one unit of health will be assigned and it would be shown before the fight. Prince, the commander of the troops, additionally receives 10% of the total payment to his soldiers.

In addition, the winning side collects all the ammunition that it used in combat from the battlefield in the form of gold and metal - separately (25% will be deducted). The winner also collects from the battlefield the ammunition spent by the losing side, also 25% will be deducted (both from metal and gold), metal and gold are divided between soldiers according to weight, the weight is the amount of knocked-out health of the enemy.

If the principality is under siege, then there are additional rules for the trophies distribution. Read more about this in the Principality’s Help section (chapter of the Prince’s troops - Warfare - Siege tactics).

[править] “Bonus to expertise in military affairs” Characteristic

A Clone earns the characteristic “Bonus to expertise in military affairs” by training on the training arena of the principality or by participating in battles as part of the prince's troops, for each conducted battle. This characteristic can be exchanged for expertise in military affairs using the Kvass drink. Each bottle of kvass, drunk by a clone at the Canteen, automatically exchanges 33 units of the Bonus to expertise in military affairs into 33 units of expertise in Military affairs.

The basic increase of number of units of this characteristic for a clone depends on the weapon that he used in combat (see table below):

Weapon type Bonus charge
Punches No bonus
Brass knuckles +1
Sharpener +2
Knife +3
Bayonet +4
Saber +5
Gun +6
Fusil +7
Musket +8
Carabine +9
Pistols +10
Yataghan +11
Katana Sword +13
Double-barrelled rifle +12
Triple-rifle +14
Sniper Rifle +15
Automatic Rifle АW 0614 +15
Howitzer +16
Regimental gun +18
Unicorn (elongated howitzer) +20
Brig +24
Corvette +27
Battleship +33
Dragon rider +33

Training fight at the arena:

The number of units of the Bonus to expertise in military affairs received for each training battle depends on the level of the training arena:

Bonus = (Basic value) x (Arena level)

For example, if a clone armed with a battleship conducted a training battle in the 5th level arena, he will receive 33x5 = 165 of the Bonus to expertise in military affairs.

Fight among prince’s troops:

In this case, clone will receive Bonus to expertise in military affairs for each battle in the following size:

Bonus = (Basic value) x3

That is, a clone armed with a battleship will receive 33x3 = 99 units of the Bonus to expertise in military affairs.