Arm yourself well before you raid!

Look at the characteristics of the weapon - one is better than the other!

At the same time you can wear only one type of firearms and cold arms. But to keep a few species in reserve is not a bad idea.

Each weapon has two characteristics: durability (the number of strokes or shots that can be committed by a weapon) and damage (the minimum and maximum number of units of health points that the enemy will lose when struck / fired).

Different types of firearms have different ammunition size, limiting the number of cartridges that can be taken with them into battle. You can buy ammunition in the Trade Guild, and if you get the weapons master education, you can make it yourself from the right components. Note that for the protection of houses and AU salt cartridges are required.

With a full expenditure of durability, the weapon is considered non-working; it must be replaced with a new one. If there is a storehouse on the account, then it is possible to configure the automatic replacement of the consumed weapon (if it is in good order). The weapon will be replaced after the end of the fight, during a fight this is impossible.

Other types of weapons can be found in the Weapon shop or at an Overseas Weapons Auction. Don't mind to take a knife or a gun for cheaper privately? Then go to the Arm's Stock Market.