Types of Gold Mines

On the Land of Clones opened Gold Mines of seven types that extract different precious stones (sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond, amber) and daily pan for gold (except the amber mines). If you love the brilliance of precious metal and stones and do not mind to trade them with a good profit, you should get a mine, and maybe not one… Developing an Amber mine, you can find a very rare specimen, the amber stone with a drop of blood of an ancient dragon frozen inside it. The chance to find such a stone is 1 in 10 000.

Exploitation of Gold Mines

Clones with the social status of craftsman or higher can exploit the gold mines. For this, clone must have trained the specialty of "Geologist" in the University. The cost of education is 3 gold coins.

The rights to exploit a gold mine (for a period of 120 days) can be bought at the Auction of Gold Mines, when there are mines found by state geologists of the Land of Clones. Spent gold mines disappear.

The rights to exploit a gold mine can be purchased either for gold coins or for silver or gold eggs. Amber mines can be purchased only for gold coins.

The exploitation of each gold mine requires expending of 6 units of Energy per day. If the clone the owner of the gold mine is insufficient of Energy, then exploitation this day is not possible, but the period of exploitation of the gold mine is still reduced by 1 day.

The gold which panned out comes to the game account every day at the estimated time, and precious stones comes as they arrive (not necessarily daily - it depends on the type of gold mine) in the bag of clone the geologist.

Questions and Answers

Question Can I sell the gold mine during its exploitation or when its exploitation ends?
Answer No, the gold mines cannot be put up for sale during the exploitation period. It is also not possible to sell the gold mine after 120 days of exploitation. At the end of the production period, the gold mine closes and disappears.

The usage of precious stones

Precious stones can be sold in the Trade Guild if you have the right to trade there (social status of clone is Peasant or higher). Also, they can be used as follows:

Sapphires, amethysts, rubies, emeralds, diamonds

  • exchange for resource in the Barterer's shop;
  • to make jewelry in the Jewelry Production, if the clone owns it;
  • expand Hunting Grounds in the Principality;
  • use to purchase certain types of Securities at the Auction;
  • use to make game items of "Magical solar slab" and "Magical rain slab" in the Magicians' Tower.


  • use to make game items of "Lunar slab" in the Magicians' Tower;
  • to use for the construction of the Dragon Caves in the Principalities (for example, to build the largest caves need more than 100 000 units of amber).

The virtual world of clones is in constant development, thanks to this area of application of precious stones will expand.

Attention! In order to transfer the stones from one clone to another in your account (for example, for sale), you need to build a Storehouse.

Distribution of profits from the Gold Mines

Sapphire, amethyst, ruby, emerald, diamond mines

15% of each sale of rights of exploitation of gold mines for gold coins and 10% of the total daily panned out gold from all the mines, the State pays the Princes. More information about the payments of this reserve to the Princes is available in the "Principalities" section of the game.

10% of the sale price of the corresponding type of gold mines at the Auction for gold coins goes to the reserve of the corresponding type of securities.

Amber mines

From each sale of rights of exploitation of amber mines for gold coins the State pays to the following reserves:

  • 5% - to the Princes' Reserves of "Gold Mines' Income"
  • 5% - to the Emperors' Residence Reserves
  • 5% - to the Technology Reserves
  • 20% - to the reserves of the corresponding type of securities