The OMF (Order of Military Affairs) — is where learning and military training takes place. Residents, who have decided to devote themselves to a military career, receive military ranks. He, who does not dream of becoming a general, is a bad soldier!

Getting a military rank - is a serious, conscious step. The clone with a rank is a respected resident of the State, who complies with certain moral principles. Under no circumstances, can he/she embark on a slippery slope of brigandage and robbery. And even if he had previously participated in the dirty work of the Brigand's Den, the very moment he receives his military title, he must give up his criminal past. The moment he/she receives their military title, all criminal characteristics of the clone (Criminal Authority, Robber's Luck...) will be cleared to 0.

Military ranks allow a clone to use his acquired theory on military affairs more efficiently during security service practice (guarding real estate and administrative units), as well as in tournaments. Military ranks of clones increase his military affairs theory during a battle by the following coefficient:

Rank Coefficient
Second lieutenant/Cornet/Non-commissioned lieutenant 1%
Lieutenant 2%
Staff-captain/Lieutenant Captain 3%
Captain/Captain third rank 4%
Lieutenant colonel/Captain second rank 5%
Colonel/Captain first rank 6%
Major general/Rear admiral 7%
Lieutenant general/Vice admiral 8%
General/Admiral 9%
Field-marshal-general/Fleet admiral 10%

When serving in a principality retinue, theory on Military Affairs allows you to accumulate a larger amount of characteristics for your service. Clones without titles obtain 1 unit of initiative every day, whereas clones who have titles will receive characteristics according to the table below:

Rank Initiative charge
Second lieutenant/Cornet/Non-commissioned lieutenant 2 units
Lieutenant 2 units
Staff-captain/Lieutenant captain 2 units
Captain/Captain third rank 3 units
Lieutenant colonel/Captain second rank 3 units
Colonel/Captain first rank 4 units
Major general/Rear admiral 5 units
Lieutenant general/Vice admiral 6 units
General/Admiral 7 units
Field-marshal-general/Fleet admiral 10 units

If necessary, you can renounce any title that your clone already has, if his/her strategy of development requires this (there will be no remuneration of the title's costs). However, your clone has the possibility to re-start his/her military career later, even in another corps.

Your clones may find themselves a job here (you may take up a job in this institution in the Work - State Enterprises section).