[править] Main features, or Briefly about the main

  • The territory of area is 757 831 sq. m. or 75.8 hectares (187,26 acres).
  • The Cocoa plantations. The land plot is chosen by us to create cocoa plantations. In 2011, 40 000 cocoa seedlings are planned and planted. More than 7 years have passed since the beginning of the work. Currently, it is a plantation of young cocoa trees. At the beginning of 2016, part of the trees (10 – 15 thousand) began to bear fruit. The first harvest is small, and the seeds we use to produce new seedlings. According to the plans, a portion of the earnings from subsequent crops of cocoa will begin to delight members of the gaming module of "Caribbean Planter" (currently, the dividends are already paying). More details about this game module, combining real and virtual worlds, will be written below.
  • Production of real chocolate. In August 2018, the first batches of chocolate made from our own cocoa beans were tasted by the players.
  • Cocoa business is a highly profitable business (General statistics and prices).

Currently, the value of 1 kg of cocoa beans on the New York Trading Exchange is approximately 2,9610 dollars per kg. Cocoa beans are the main and indispensable raw material for the production of chocolate. The weight of one cocoa grain is about 1.5 grams. One cocoa fruit contains about 20 to 60 large grains. From one tree usually receive from 40 to 120 fruits. According to statistics, in the Dominican Republic cocoa tree gives a minimum of 2.5 kg of cocoa beans. Harvest can be collected twice a year. The tree bears fruit for 30-70 years.

We use only organic fertilizer, and cocoa plantations are located in an ecologically clean place. This is a very important detail, as the products grown without the use of chemistry and with love - this is our healthy life.

[править] The "Caribbean Planter"

The Administration of the game decided to create another strong connection between the virtual world of clones and reality. To do this, securities of "Caribbean Planter" and a number of gaming reserves are created, which will be sent part of the income from the cocoa business. The current section of the game is devoted to securities of "Caribbean Planter".

200 000 securities with nominal value of 1 gold coin were issued. From the end of 2016, dividends will be accrued on these securities, and according to calculations, the annual yield of these securities will be at least 40% of their nominal value. Dividend payments will be made in a manner similar to other securities of the "Age of Clones" game. Thus, the income of real cocoa plantations provides the profitability of virtual securities of this type. In addition to dividends from the planned cocoa yields (twice a year), the securities of the "Caribbean Planter" will be charged daily dividends from the reserve of all securities of the "Age of Clones" (such a reserve is formed in the Trade Guild).

The validity of securities is limited only by the time of fruiting trees (according to statistics it is 30-70 years). Thus, by purchasing securities of "Caribbean Planter", you get a permanent passive income for decades to come.

The "Caribbean Planter" project is a great investment for the future. Such an asset is a kind of protection against world crises and other economic difficulties or financial problems. This is a great opportunity to participate in the business process and acquisition of income. Securities of "Caribbean Planter", which put up for Auction, have long been bought by clones. Currently, their price on the Stock Exchange is more than twice the nominal value. Well, we will continue to observe with interest the development of this game module and the growth of the cost of securities on the Stock Exchange.

You can see our achievements in the creation of ranch and the development of plantations on YouTube channel or by visiting the "Age of Clones" ranch In the Dominican Republic in person.

The Virtual is Real!

[править] The order of participation in the project of "Caribbean planter"

  • Any player who has the clone with the social status of "Craftsman" and higher can take part in the project, by purchasing the "Caribbean Planter" securities at the Auction or on the Stock Exchange of the game.
  • The Administration of the project notifies players about the receipt of the securities at the auction at least a day. Emissions occur by the batches, the scope of one or another batch is also notified in the game news. (More emissions of securities of this type are not expected).
  • The nominal value of one security is 1 gold coin.
  • Dividends on these securities are scheduled for accrual from the end of 2016, by analogy with other securities of the game. Securities, if desired, can be offered for sale or bought from players on the Stock Exchange of the game (the minimum possible purchase price on the Stock Exchange is 1 gold coin/piece).
  • The Administration, guided by the principles of reasonableness and efficiency, independently and at its discretion implements all business processes related to the project of "Caribbean Planter".