The overseas weapons have an additional parameter - "basic accuracy", this is an additional bonus to the probability of hitting.

The double-barrel and three-barrel rifles have a feature - they produce shots one after another, according to the number of barrels and the presence of ammunition. Accrual of characteristics is the General rule: +2 points of Expertise in military affairs for accurate shot/strike and +1 point of Expertise in military affairs for inaccurate shot/strike.

The Yataghan also has a feature - its owner makes two consecutive strikes, not giving the opponent to recover.

When lots at an Auction of overseas weapons selling for gold coins, the income from their sale will be transferred by the State:

  • 45% to the Salary Fund of the main state enterprises (Sawmill, Mill, Stone Mine, Ore Mine, Carters Guild);
  • 30% to the Securities of the Arm's Stock Market of the Land of Clones;
  • 25% to income of Overseas Merchants (the obligation of the State: supply of resource from the reserves with 40% discount).

The following table provides a detailed description of the characteristics of Overseas Weapons: