General Webman has taken the decision to set up an intrusion of small subversive groups on the Land of Clones, whose purpose is to collect information on the owners and location of the dragon and stones that containing ancient reptile blood. The ultimate goal is to seize dragons for the purpose of reproduction in order to create a powerful army, which will not only be able to withstand the clones, but also to break down their defenses.

Since Webman cannot openly appear at the Trade Guild, at the Fair or at any other institution, he is forced to resort to abductions of clones which allowed him to receive certain important information. Saboteurs scour the entire territory, searching for their victims.

The inhabitants of the Land of Clones should be extremely careful, cautious and vigilant. In broad day light, any clone can be kidnapped, thrown into a carriage and taken away into a basement of one of the houses, where any information will be under risk of being extracted out of a clone. They say that General Webman is ready to reward any clone very generously, for giving him the necessary information.

Brave tough warriors - guards, treasure hunters and members of the retinue aren’t an easy target to kidnap, saboteurs often take them as hostages in the turmoil of battle. The easiest way to kidnap a clone who is not engaged in any military activity - is if he is not working as a guard, neither as a member of the retinue nor engaged in treasure hunting.

The clone will be held in conspiratorial basement for a while - maybe even for hours, maybe for weeks or even months. Only Webman himself knows when a clone will be released from imprisonment. A clone will be a subject to all restrictions, while kept in the basement - he/she will not be able to participate in any fighting. Any ransom offer is useless, gold is of no interest for Webman, and he pays for information himself. In this case, the clone has to decide for himself, either to hope for Webman's mercy, playing a simple person, either to disclose any information on him and become a traitor, or attempt to escape.

A lot of spies investigate suspicious houses and in case of detecting subversive groups, any detained clones are immediately released. However, some saboteur basements may operate for a very long time, without arousing the slightest suspicion, in case where prisoners will sit quietly in their cells.