General Webman decided to introduce small sabotage groups to the Land of Clones, the purpose of which is to collect information about the owners and location of dragons and amber stones with the blood of ancient lizards. The ultimate goal is to capture the dragons and breed them to create a powerful army that will be able not only to resist the clones, but also to break their defenses.

Since Webman cannot openly appear at the Trade Guild, at the Fair, or at any other institution, he is forced to resort to abduction of clones which can give him some useful information. Saboteurs roam all over the territory, looking for their victims.

The inhabitants of the Land of Clones should be extremely attentive, careful and vigilant. Any clone right in broad daylight can be kidnapped, thrown into a carriage and taken to the basement of one of the houses, where they will try to extract various information from him. It is said that General Webman is ready to generously reward the clone who gives him the information he needs.

Brave hardened warriors - guards, treasure hunters and combatants, it's hard to kidnap just like that, saboteurs often take them hostage in the turmoil of battle. And the easiest way is to steal the clone that is not engaged in any military activity - does not work as a security guard, does not serve in /kingdomEmployment Prince's Troops, does not hunt for treasures.

The clone will be held in a conspiratorial basement cellar for some time - maybe hours, maybe weeks or months. Only Webman himself knows when he will release the prisoner. All this time, the clone will be subject to all the restrictions that rely on when keeping in the basement - he will not be able to participate in any battles. Offering a ransom is useless, Webman is not interested in gold, he pays for the information himself! At this point, the clone must decide - either to hope for the mercy of Webman and pretending to be a simpleton, or to reveal information and become a traitor, or to make attempts to save.

The General Staff is developing plans to uncover sabotage groups and a possible intelligence network of General Webman. Many scouts check suspicious houses and, if saboteurs are found, release hostage clones. But some basements of saboteurs can operate for a long time without arousing suspicion if the captives sit quietly in their cells.