Duels between quarreled clones are officially allowed in the territory of the Land of Clones. You can call to battle any clone, but not from your game account. In addition, you may be called to battle, you can refuse or agree. If the answer (consent or refusal) to the call was not received within 24 hours, it will be considered a refusal of the duel.

The cost of participation in a duel at least 0.1 gold coins from each of the participants. 20% of the cost of participation is the State commission, the rest picks the winner of the battle.

Participants of the duel use its own weapons, who what pleases. Artillery guns and warships are not allowed in duels. The firearms are loading with salt cartridges. Duelists do not get units of military expertise for participating in a duel. Characteristics of opponents can be any, there are no restrictions. However, a hungry clone will not be able to fight; if his Energy is below 0, he will not be able to participate in the duel.

The clone can conduct an unlimited number of duels per day. But by calling a duel is a new clone, you must obtain a refusal or consent of the opponent, before you can assign a new duel. The number of simultaneously obtained calls to the duel is not limited. During the duel, the durability of the duelists' weapons and salt cartridges are spent according to the usual tournament rules. Participating in the duel, the clone may not resign from Security guard, Settlement squad, and he does not need to leave the ranks of the Gang of robbers, Bandit troops or Stash raiders. After each duel the clone can use Kvass according to the usual rules. Black pearls are not issued for the victory in a duel.

Each clone has the ability to view all the duels that have passed for the current day, to view all the duels clone will spend 3 units of Energy. You may be able to write luxury essay to the State newspaper of the Land of Clones about the daring duelists. In that case, if your article will be published, you will receive a fee.