At the public school, clones can learn various professions. Being educated will allow the clone to obtain a higher social status (on the "Social Status" page of the "Character" menu).

Acquiring one profession takes 3 days (or 72 hours).

You have the option to choose an accelerated learning mode (each profession separately), having supplied your clone with extra work efficiency. In order to speed up the learning process twofold, you will have to spend 2 units of work efficiency, the maximal acceleration being tenfold and is achieved by using 10 units of work efficiency. It is also possible to study each specialty instantly, it will cost an additional 20 units of work efficiency.

One unit of work efficiency is the energy measurement unit of food. To learn more on the energy value of various food, visit the «%link_to_refectory%».

If the clone has accumulated personal work efficiency, it will be spent first. If its amount is not sufficient, then what's missing will be made up for by foods at the canteen.

Attention! The acquisition of each profession is carried out separately. Consequently, it is necessary to add work efficiency separately for each learning course, right before training. Be prudent, because you can't add any work efficiency after the course begins.

It is not possible to cancel training that has already started.

You can either take up studies in several branches simultaneously, or stretch out your training time.


[править] Craftsman

To obtain the status of a craftsman, the serf needs to complete his studies at the public school, having graduate with the following subjects:

  • Literacy - 1 gold coin;
  • Arithmetic - 1 gold coin;
  • Carpentry - 1 gold coin;
  • Weapons Mastery - 1 gold coin;
  • Metallurgy - 1 gold coin.

If you do not visit your clone while in his serf status for a long time (over 90 days) or if you have not confirmed your e-mail address in your account settings, you must complete your training and become a craftsman within these 90 days. After 90 days, if you have not completed your training by the end of these 90 days (or you're still not fully trained), the serf is put up for sale at the Serfs' Auction. The same applies to serves, which are not the only clones on your account, whose life span is always 90 days. If the serf is trained, does not have time to complete the training before the end of this period (90 days), but acquiring the last fifth scientific discipline, he will automatically receive the craftsman status at the end of training.

After having completed your studies, your status will be upgraded automatically, also you can file a petition at the State administration office.

[править] A Mentor's Guidance

Every beginner in the game may have his/her mentor, a more experienced player who has grown wiser over the years. As you are a new inhabitant of the Land of Clones, the mentor will help you understand the possibilities of the game, will give you advice on how to get a job, to make your first profit and move up the social ladder.

You can independently visit the Mentors' Rating, and after having chosen one of them, ask for help via internal game mail. Regularly check whether there is any news from him, and even if it was obtained - ask him for advice on any matter that you do not understand.

Enter the name of your mentor in the Public School before you commence your studies, thus confirming that your clone is obtaining wisdom - after successfully obtaining the craftsman status, your clone will be credited with an additional 500 units of precious experience. Yes, your mentor will not be left out among the underdogs either; he received the experience of communicating with you, in an amount of 4 units. In addition to this, if a serf communicated with a mentor and has stated his name at the public school, then during your communication with him, the restriction of sending 1 letter per hour is lifted. A serf may communicate with his mentor without restrictions. Remember to specify the name of your mentor at any time prior to the beginning of your training.

A clone of any status, from craftsman and on, may become a serf's mentor. Besides that, a mentor can not be a clone sharing the same account with the serf he is guiding.

Please see "About mentors" page to get more information.

[править] Peasant

In order to obtain the Peasant status, a serf needs to complete his studies at the Public School, graduating with the following professions;

  • Livestock - 2,5 gold coins;
  • Geodesy - 2,5 gold coins;
  • Agriculture - 2,5 gold coins;
  • Trade - 2,5 gold coins.

[править] Burgess

In order to obtain the townsman status, a peasant needs to complete his studies at the Public School, graduating with the following professions;

  • State Monetary System of the Land of Clones - 10 gold coins;
  • Engineering - 10 gold coins;
  • Office Work - 10 gold coins;
  • Seafarer Profession - 10 gold coins.

[править] Questions & Answers

Question Will I be able to, let's say, work the fields, if, being a craftsman, study "Agriculture"?
Answer No, you will not be able to do that. All possibilities of a brand new status will be available to your clone only after his request, to have his status raised, will be approved. In other words, after having acquired all the compulsory professions.