[править] The rules of the Auction of Serfs

Any user in whose account there is a clone of the social status other than the status of "Serf", can participate in the auction.

Clones appear at auction at random times during the day.

Trading period - the period of time in hours and minutes during which the lot is selling.

The time for selling the lot at the auction is two hours. If it is not bought during this time - the serf will die.

If at the last minute of the trading period one of the players makes a bid, the trading period for this lot is extended by 10 seconds.

A "step" is the number of potions, which will increase the current value of the lot when the player bids on it. Minimum step is 1 "la dolce vita" potion.

The production of potions in the Magician's tower paused, you can buy them at the Fair from other players.

Bids can only be in "la dolce vita" potions. The next bid will increase the current value of the lot by one step. To make a bid, you need to have the right amount of potions. You can make a bid by using the "Bid" button.

You can raise your own bid without restrictions.

Once you have placed a bid, the amount of the bid is reserved. It will be finally withdrawn after the purchase of the corresponding lot. If your bid is outbid by the other player, the previously reserved bid will be returned to you.

If at the end of the auction you have bought the clone, you will not be able to cancel the transaction.

Thanks to the fabulous action of potions, after the purchase the Serf in absentia is trained, and the clone automatically receives the status of a Craftsman.

The bought clone appears in your account within a few minutes.